A Warhammer 40k Total conversion for Fallout New Vegas

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Mod didn't work correctly as armors and weapons did not show up as they should, but only the flags showed up.


sbseed says

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makes the FNV much more interesting and fun... kicking *** and taking names.


Mod didn't work correctly as armors and weapons did not show up as they should, but only the flags showed up

i've tried so hard to instal this but it's just doesn't work, i have followed the instructions but i still get all the original caracters


This is GREAT !

May the Emperor watch over us all.


Love the mod,makes for an interesting play through.Good to see people still coming up with fresh ideas on an older game.Love the models and the weapons add a good bit of fun. Can't wait to see what all else gets added.

I love the mod. It's really fun. It's just I keep coming across a crash every time I kill an ork, and the orks just stand there and don't do anything.

This is a mod that would really benefit from a change of scenery, get rid of the majority of the NV things and instead replace them with things that actually fit the WH40K universe. The quality deteriorates rapidly in this mod, very rapidly. As a matter of fact it's right at the beginning, in the tutorial town, right around the time you realize that all they did was add and replace some armor and weapons to some renamed factions and re-skin the ants to look like rank and file Tyranid 'Gaunts and Genestealers. I will give them credit for the quality of the Orks though, I new right off the bat they were Super-Mutant re-skins, but I really like the look and difficulty, which is something I can say about most of the re-skins. They are all very good, high-quality skins and textures, that would fit well in the WH40K universe if it wasn't for the area they're in that makes them look like cosplayers at some convention that spans about 100 miles in a square around Las Vegas.
What about the weapons and equipment? Well it varies in quality. I prefer to use sights and scopes when I shoot so the fact that the bolters are glitched so I can't use the sights is annoying. But if you ignore the bolters (normal, chaos and Ork varieties) then you get a fairly well rounded gun collection. Eldar and Tau weapons exist and are somehow more OP than a gun that rapid-fires nukes (I'm not kidding). The only thing missing is some Inquisition weaponry but it isn't a big deal.
The quests are something that should be expected to be changed. It wasn't, the only new quests so far are optional downloads. NV's story and characters destroy the feel of the mod. The NCR are re-skinned to be the Imperium and the Legion is chaos. In the end this mod is just a bunch of skins, weapons, and Space Marine armor and the only change is difficulty. Look, it's not that bad once you get over the story and characters performing rapid-fire heresy in what should be a WH40K mod. Just don't expect WH40K and you're fine.


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makes the FNV much more interesting and fun... kicking ass and taking names.

May 22 2011 by sbseed