A mod for real combat experience in MoW: Assault Squad (more info DMS forums) Real ranges and penetration tables for all guns and vehicles

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asureka Aug 31 2011 says:

Personally I don't think that this one baby will help for realism. i think this steel is not a necessary .My opinion only guys.

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Chakal16 Author
Chakal16 Aug 31 2011 says:

yes, only 2 units built in the war

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asureka Aug 31 2011 replied:

and only ONE (maybe) used in battle (without any unit markings)
other was exploded by its crew with reason that tank can went to enemy hands

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OffensiveKcommander Sep 3 2011 replied:

Well stuff like the Super pershing also only had 2 prototypes but they are sommonly used in Assault sqaud. But the Kingtiger which was built over 500 times but almost never shows up.

As far as i know only a handfull of pershings fought in the last 2 weeks of the war so it shouldnt show up in men of war either. And the m19 anti air tank was also from 1946 or something so it should totally be taken out of the game. The IS-3 was to late to fight against germany. And Japan uses like 5 tanks that didnt even get built in the war either. And the english even get prototypes like the black prince. But in reality the Churchill was a bad tank that often lost 1v1s against Panzer IV.

What im trying to say is that Men of War isnt about realism at all so just put the maus in the game. Actually to be fair you would also have to start adding stuff like th MG45 and Super heavy tanks like the P-50 just to be fair. But thats unbalanced.....

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jestera Oct 17 2011 replied:

To be honest I figured that what they meant by realism was more realistic weapon ranges and penetration tables. The game would, quite frankly, require complete reworking if you want an entirely realistic ww2 experience, since most of the maps are just completely wrong.

As for the sweeping remark about the Churchill, you are wrong. As with a lot of tanks in ww2 they were continually developed and numerous variants existed. The initial Churchill variants were severely underpowered and so suffered huge mechanical faults which lead to a highly unimpressive service record. However the Churchill III - introduced in time for the second battle of El Alamein performed admirably.

One of the impressive things about the Churchill was it's ability to travel across terrain that almost no other tank in service at the time had a hope in hell of crossing. By Normandy the Churchill had reached it's peak with the VII, the most heavily armoured allied tank in the war, and the Crocodile a tank which routed entire infantry groups at it's sight.

The Churchill did come off worse in some battles for example operation bluecoat. 3 Jagdpanthers knocked out 11 of the Churchills in the space of minutes of an ambush, the Churchills rallied and destroyed 2 of the tank hunters and drove the 3rd off. The Churchills involved had been forced to push ahead of their infantry support due to the terrain and the critical timing of the mission. They continued on and succesfully took hull 309 something that quite possibly no other allied tank could have accomplished at the time.

Even though the losses were high the Jagdpanther was very successful in exactly that kind of ambush maneuver. On top of that some of the best tanks in the war faired far worse: 5 Panthers were dispatched by a single hull down firefly, the Elefant aka Ferdinand is reputed to have had a 10:1 kill:loss in the battle of kursk, mainly fighting T34's - another tank considered one of the best of the war.

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warrio5 Feb 10 2012 replied:

Nah, the T34 that the German faced in operation Citadel(aka battle of Kusk) is the 2nd mass-produced version of T34 with the 76mm gun, to be honest, that gun can't do much against German armors; but with sheer number, they overwhelmed German forces. Beside, the Ferdinand/Elefant weren't quiet reliable, they said 2/3 of them got engines problem that even forced the crews to abandoned the tanks. Also imo, I think its not accurate to say that the T34 is one of the best of the war because it couldn't compare with German armors until the T34/85 variation came in to action that.Furthermore, with the lack of resources during the war, Soviet had to re-used the T34 chassis over and over again which accidentally gave it the title '1 of the best tanks during the war' because of the it's battle achievements by "sheer number"

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Mavis130 Apr 3 2012 replied:

Soviet military doctrine was entirely based on numbers. If it won because of doing what it was meant to do, and did it so much, then it really does deserve the title.

That's like saying an M1A1 HA Arbams would outclass a T-80U, they're not just 2 recipes with the same cookie cutter; they're made on entirely different design philosophies to be used in their own ways.

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warrio5 Feb 10 2012 replied:

Are u talking about the E series, or the P series?

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rObZoR Nov 17 2011 replied:

where do i find maus? i can't find it online or in editor, why?

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Qkixhan Apr 8 2012 says:

can anyone help me?? when i activate this mod. i cant play skirmish and multiplayer it always crashh

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xxamirul Sep 29 2012 says:

is Pz maus is really include in this mod sorry for asking.

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spidermax96 Jul 9 2013 says:

the MAUS is in coh2 so if coh2 add it .. it must not be a crazy ider thin

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assaaddib513 Feb 17 2014 says:

Hi, I've downloaded this mod, but I can't find the Maus in multiplayer.

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hjtjyl Jul 18 2014 says:

How can I call in the MAUS in multiplayer?

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Guest Nov 27 2014 says:

This comment is currently awaiting admin approval, join now to view.

coolcolt57 Feb 19 2015 says:

does anyone know how to spawn the maus in the test version i see the file is in the mods folder but its not found in game can anybody help me out please????

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Aug 31st, 2011
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