"Breathes new life into one of TW's tightest and most atmospheric iterations with simplicity, balance and superb quality." - Antagonist, TW historian. Viking invasion II aims to recreate the campaign of the cult-status MTW: Viking Invasion on the Rome BI engine. It sticks closely to the original campaign, only making changes to correct large inaccuracies, to improve gameplay and comply with the new engine. It is also set a little later than the original campaign at AD 851 - two years after the birth of King Alfred the Great of Wessex. The map covers Ireland, England, Alba (Scotland), Jutland, Wales, and the isles and westernmost provinces of the Norwegians. There are 50 provinces and many new strategy-map trade resources and other models, as well as new map textures for both summer and winter. Eight factions are included which cover the Viking, Saxon and Celtic cultures. See link for more details.

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