Vietcry is released now, discover the rice fields, jungles and more in our Vietnam mod. Instead of just using the Crysis typical health auto-regeneration, Flow groover imported the classical medikits and armorpaks. Small tests have proven that this wasn't a bad idea. For us, it was especially difficult to get used to the turn, the player will no longer be invisible at will, and the health bar is no longer recharging automatically. Features: * No Nanosuit * New gameplayfeeling * Medikits and armorpaks * Many old weapons * Cinematic environment * New bullettime feature * A mix of open and linear gameplay

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Not awesome, not terrible.

To start I will say it's a very fun mod, and for the most part doesn't have bugs or glitches. However, it has some problems that prevent me from giving it a high rating.

Let me say the no nano suit thing is awesome. For the last 20 years games have made you the super badass and it's refreshing to have to creep through the foliage slowly and carefully (I played on the max difficulty) or you get 1 shotted by some dude you didn't see.

But the setting is also the game's biggest weakness. This game, when you take away the story, has absolutely nothing to do with Vietnam. The maps are not what Vietnam looks like, the uniforms for both sides are wrong, the music is not Vietnam era (although it sounds very similar to some Vietnam-war era music it is actually available on Jamendo and is more modern). The maps don't feel natural (the landscape, the tree layout, it feels like a city park made to look like a forest like they do in Cincinnati). Also, it's kind of funny that the Vietnamese still speak Korean :)

In case you don't know what I'm getting at imagine taking HL2 and making forest maps and AK-47s but using Combine Troopers as Vietnamese soldiers.

The game claims to be in Vietnam but in all honesty the environment falls apart for anyone who knows something about the war. The mod is a great technical achievement and a blast to play, but the theme brings it down.

However, this dev team is clearly quite skilled and I look forward to what they release next!


excellent german voiceacting, good intro and weaponmodels, really beautiful map, sexy soundtrack...but the ai seems to be lost on the maps sometimes, weapons and bodies just disappear, and the car model should be custom authentic not a futuristic hummer.


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This is an amazing mod, it works perfect and is just an amazing setting to use with the cryengine :3

Best mod ever, i have never seen a so god mod. This mod gave you a new vision of a game, i am waiting for an standalone

Great mod! almost everything in this mod is good. Except for the enemies, they still use korean and they use '2019'humvee. But it doesn't matter, i love this mod.

epic mod

I've just finished this Game and my biggest concern was the gameplay.
Reading that you won't regenerate your HP and won't have the armor might scare you, but trust me it is better this way. Picking up HP or Kevlar Vests immediatly gave me nostalgia as I heard "AHHH". For a Mod is very good made. The AI is fair so I had alot of fun!
The music is well chosen, I don't listin much to Rock but this made me reconsider =D
After finishing it I regret driving so much with the car. Let me clarify you can drive alot in this Game but it also makes the game alot easier. You're not forced to use it, so it's up to the Player to play it easy or not.

The Mod also has some nice easter Eggs, was a good Laugh!

@Developer Team Thanks a lot for making this! I really enjoyed it
The German Dub suprised me that it was this Good oO
I recorded a Gameplay if you want I can upload it on my YT account


Well created, very polished, great soundtrack and well scripted cinematics. My only complaint is the german voice acting keeps it from feeling totally authentic.

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