Vice Cry – a mod for GTA Vice City, which aims to drastically improve the appearance of the city, by replacing the old textures and models with high quality ones.

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The Graphics and hard work, look amazing and a lot of hard work has gone to make a 10 year old game look amazing!

Best of all time mod!

Top notch mod! Mostly keeping it original, just in higher resolution!

bringing the old game back alive

Sweet mother of god! This mod has made Vice City look like a completly new game, even tough it retains some things from the Rockstar engine (nothing that the team behind Vice Cry could do). It is a must have mod.

This is just amazing, such a massive improvement graphically is sure to keep people playing this game =] much respect to the Vice Cry team and all that helped

I just searched some higher quality textures for GTA:VC, and i found this... like a dream :')

Great mod, you really pushed the engine to the max. It really shows you put a lot of work in this.

ViceCity HD is very good!

I give it a 10/10 because it rocks and the makers should be proud

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