UnWheel is a driving modification for Unreal Tournament 2004. The idea behind UnWheel is not to create the ultimate racing game, or the 4x4 simulation with the best physics, or to specialise in any one area as other modifications and games do, but to simply create an assortment of gametypes and vehicles with the focus on fun driving, whether it be racing, rallying, or simply freestyle driving around. Thanks to Unreal Tournament 2004's support for extremely detailed models, you'll be driving some of the highest quality cars and trucks available. Each vehicle has it's own distinctive handling, and thanks to the excellent in-game physics, they all react in their own way to every bump in the road and every corner they turn. UnWheel really is a must-have modification for any driving fan, no matter what their preferred driving genre may be.

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UnWheel Community Bonus Pack Vol 1

UnWheel Community Bonus Pack Vol 1

Nov 2, 2006 Multiplayer Map proprietary licence (131.78mb) 2 comments

Introducing the UWCBP Volume 1 (yes, that's rght, there's plenty more where that came from) the latest in driving-related insanity and general...

1965 Formula 1 Car

1965 Formula 1 Car

Nov 2, 2006 Vehicle Model proprietary licence (0.55mb) 0 comments

This is Steve's latest new vehicle, the 1965 formula 1 car. A sweet thing to try out on the tracks. Congrats to Steve for making this and continuing...

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