Welcome to the UNSUNG Vietnam War MOD. This mod has been around since 2004, producing content for all the iterations of this military simulation. The goal of this team is to develop a level of realism and immersion that leaves the player with a sense of the difficulties encountered when conducting operations in the environment of South East Asia. We use actual DEMS/SRTM (digital elevation mapping /Shuttle Radar Topography Mission) of the historic AOs and Satellite imagery as well 60s-70s era aerial / on the ground photos when making our islands. Our units/vehicles/aircraft/buildings are based on actual pictures from that era, we have accumulated an extensive database over the years, as well as active and ex military team members that contribute their unique knowledge. We hope you enjoy our work, as much as we did making it.

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Best ARMA 2 vietnam mod out there. Actually, best vietnam war mod in general. You can't go wrong with Unsung, especially now that Unsung 2.5 is out. The team has been working hard weeding out all the bugs and stuff and now it's a great addon.

I F****** Love This Mod!!!!!! Were back in NAM baby!!! YEA!!!

This has to be one of the best Vietnam mods for Arma 2 OA!!! This mod is awesome!!!! No other mod out there comes this close for a Vietnam War hat goes out to all the Unsung Mod memers for your hard work past and present. Thanks guys


AMAZING MOD...This is one of my fav mods out there. Very fun and realistic.

freaking awesome mod, easily my favorite mod for Arma 2 out there and the best thing about it 2.6 will be realest early 2014! the devs are so committed to making it the best Vietnam war experience.

Really great mod that everyone should play!

Two hours walking under the sun, two hours walking through the jungle, checking your surroundings constantly, hearing the animals and a far helicopter sound, two hours evading traps, two hours later...
Sudden machine gun fire hitting around you, tracers blinding you, you'll try to reach cover while you see your mates running around and getting killed, you stay behind a tree, trying to pinpoint the gunner location, you start hearing NVA's voices getting closer when a bullet hits your leg... what will you do?
I gotta say this is the most intense mod I've ever played in my life. I'll be back to A3 when this comes out.

You should try it out.


One of my favorite mods for the Arma Series. If you have Arma, this is a must have.

Unsung in Arma 3 even though it is only in alpha, it is still so much fun to be had. If you mix some other mods with this like the huey mod, you can get the full fun vietnam experience.

Great Vietnam mod!

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