* Unified DeusEx.u, combining BioMod with latest Shifter and dxEnhanced. Extensively configurable. Fully compatible with latest versions of other common mods. Tested and stable. * User interface dimensions doubled for modern high-resolution displays, including sharp UI icons, freshly rendered in 24-bit. No more pixellated, low-color icons. Building up on work done in original dxEnhanced, we present a coherent high-definition user interface. * DeusEx.exe launcher fixed to support scenarios requiring lots of memory. No more crashes on saving. * Number of other improvements and bugfixes.

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I've been waiting for years for Biomod compatiblity in DxEnhanced. And now I got that + every other mod I wanted. Amazing.


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Cody0 says

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I have been waiting for something like this for a long time.

Awesome. I can not play the game anymore without that mod.

Adding all of the best Deus Ex mods together is something people have wanted for a long time, but no longer will they have to suffer through choosing one mod other another.

Also, a stunning UI makes this a must-download to anyone who claims Deus Ex is still a brilliant game.

Kocmo, did you merge with Helios? Because you are a God!


What needs to be said? It merges the best UI and gameplay mods into one and gives you many options on what to include and not. It is amazing.

Exactly what I've hoped for in a Deus Ex mod, the culmination of so many other mods rolled in one. Will work on Smoke support.


Epecb says

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Wow! :) Thanks! That's what i tried to do once (actually - I'm still trying), but lacked the scripting skill! :) All I managed to do is to add HDTP Support and a few new Shifter features to Biomod, as well as some Smoke renders. But after that everything I tried to add to the script was making Deus Ex crash. Had to ask though, if I use DirectX 9 - will there be old or new icons? And are You planning on adding some Smoke mod features to the future updates, like EMP bolts instead of Flare bolts (as an option) and, the most important thing, renders (Invisible hands when cloacked, blood in the water, new burning effects and burning cigarettes at least)? Please, think of it! That would be EPIC!

P.S.: And, perhaps, you could add a new thievery skill from the upcoming GDMX as a bonus?


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