Your brother joined the Resistance, but you prefer a more concilitary approach. Unfortunately, he is arrested by the Combine and tortured until he reveals some rebel secrets. After many sleepless nights you finally decide to do something... and so begins your journey towards the Unexpected Conclusion.

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Long and overall good... But with no conclusion : where's The BROTHER????

Awful mapping.
Lags, lags, lags... learn mapping


Nice Job!
(easy is i bit too much easy, though)

I rather like this mod. I know a lot of people complain it's too easy, with many healthkits more than necessary, But I like the mod because of this. Because there are so many healing items, you are allowed to try stuff you would never get away with in other mods. I would reccomend this mod if you prefer to have more fun than challenge.


A pretty long mod with many fights and battles, but it seems it has a non-ending...


It has all: gunships, striders, hunters, antlion guard. There are some great areas


Bad plot, you start w/o a HUD (nor a sprint function / flashlight) and some of the puzzles are unclear. There's also an overkill on the music part.

1 / 10 (for the effort)

Well, I gotta say, the conclusion was unexpected... but almost welcome :(

Besides the odly designed levels and the strange enemy placements, it was simply too easy. The mod threw medkits at me like they were out of style so the challenge was practically non-existent :(

The level design got better near the end, and I did have fun playing it at times. But for the average gamer, you may want to look elsewhere.


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