Tsardoms: Total War is a M2TW and Kingdoms modification that focuses on the Balkans, Near East, Eastern and Central Europe, Italy and Switzerland, starting from rise of the Serbian Tsar Stefan Uroš IV Dušan in 1345 and concluding in 1530. Tsardoms allow you to take control of over 25 factions all complete with brand new artistically crafted warriors ready to do your command! The aim is to provide the player with the best possible accuracy, in all sectors of the game, and to stretch the limitations of the M2TW engine, through scripting and AI enhancement, for a gameplay never seen before.

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Becoming a faction leader in the age of Tsardoms Total War does not mean anything by itself. The former Emperor, God rest his soul, has passed away, but this does not mean that your rule has been unanimously accepted. Even if our deceased Basileus had appointed you Symbasileus (co-Emperor and Heir to the throne), this title does not mean anything anymore. You have been merely acclaimed as an Emperor by your armies, and this, in our turbulent world is not enough. Your enemies lurk all around, carefully making their cunning plans for your overthrowing. As time passes, they are steadily escaping your grasp, and their loyalty to you continues to diminish. Furthermore, our subjects, seeing that there is no one to guaranty their safety and their prosperity, begin to worry, causing civil unrest all over our Empire. What is necessary for the establishment of your rule, is to have the approval of the Roman Senate, of the people of Constantinople, and of our most Sacred Church*. Therefore, you must travel all the way back to the Queen of Cities - the Basileuousa Konstantinoupolis - in order to be crowned in the Hagia Sophia as the "Faithful in Christ God Emperor and Autocrat of the Romans" by his All Holiness The Ecumenical Patriarch and Archbishop of Constantinople - New Rome, with the acceptance of the Senate and of the People. Then, and only then, will your rule be unquestioned and unchallenged. If you postpone this journey, foolishly feeling secure about your control over the Empire, you will risk your enemies growing stronger, your friends becoming weaker, and minor rebellious acts evolving into a full blown civil war.