Triptych is a Lovecraftian horror adventure written and developed by Dark Craft Studios. It deals with two brother's journey into the occult, Necromancy, and cosmic horror.

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Level Designers located Anywhere.

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Dark Craft Studios is hiring for four vacant positions as level designers. We work bilaterally in Cryengine 2 and 3, using the former for our horror projects and the latter for science fiction. Being able to work in one, the other, or both -- it doesn't matter to us as a whole.

Our level designing is intricate and highly detailed, so we are looking for designers who are up to the challenge of painting realistic and immersive scenery and interior/exterior design. You must have skill and experience in Cryengine, either one, and must own Crysis 1 (and/or) 2 so that you can download the editor and SDK to work with us.

*Owning heightmap terrain or worldbuilding tools is not required for our position, but elevates you extremely high in our application sorting processes. If you own them, mention them in your resume.*

The job called for could potentially be a permanent position in the team or a temporary one time outing only (for the mod of your choosing), it is up to the applicant.

Our Crysis 1 project is called Triptych. Triptych is a Lovecraftian horror/adventure spanning three "panels" written and developed by Dark Craft Studios. With a focus on imagery and atmosphere, the story itself spans a monumental arc covering ancient civilizations, curses, the tale of two men, cosmic horror, and an Elder God.

Our Crysis 2 project is called Sapience. It is a highly detailed, but hushed and secretive, Science Fiction project that has been in development for over a year. We can show you footage and screenshots in private upon request, but plenty of public information should suffice in our Moddb page for it.

We have the following questions for all applicants:

1: How often are you available for level designing?
2: Which is the best way to talk to you if hired? Email, phone (USA), or IM?
3: Which of the two mods would you be capable of working on given your resources?
4: Are you capable of designing custom assets yourself? Y/N

All Applicants will hear back from us in 1-3 business days. We thank you for your time. Our own personal resume and dossier of works can be found in our Moddb group page.

To Apply

Please send your resume and which mod (or both) you are able to work on. Example works of your level designing skills in your resume help us greatly in choosing between canidates. Send to

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