Triptych is a Lovecraftian horror adventure written and developed by Dark Craft Studios. It deals with two brother's journey into the occult, Necromancy, and cosmic horror.

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A skilled modeller capable of working directly within Cryengine2 (Sandbox2) (Including being able to export the models yourself into the engine) is being sought by Dark Craft Studios, the makers of The Worry of Newport, Triptych and Sapience. We are seeking a modeller who is capable of rigging, scaling and texturing human models for sure in animated cut scenes or as NPC's.

Required are as follows,

Three Adult Males, with in-depth descriptions given to any applicants.

Applicant must have Cryengine2/Sandbox2 experience and be capable of adding these models to our library, for use by animators, rather than relying on Studio to do all of the exporting ourselves. A skilled person capable of doing this, and with experience in achieving it in prior mods or games, is required. Applicants with no experience must unfortunately be turned down.

The job called for could potentially be a permanent position in the team or a temporary one time outing only, it is up to the applicant. This is for the mod Triptych, which currently calls for three adult models in full-body frame (including clothes and faces), textured.

Payment upon completion of these models will be received by the chosen applicant, with common field values for the models of the detail required for valued at $20(!) a piece, with three models required, meaning a guaranteed receipt of $60. If less or more human models are called for due to unforeseen adjustments in storyboard, the value will still be scaled according to $20 per model. Further information can be procured by contacting the below email address of the company.

Thank you for your time, applicants.

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