You wake up in a beautiful room, you think you're dreaming but your mind loses control, you are trapped in your mind. You have been traumatized by the war and you saw your family die. You need to get out of your mind.

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It was a surreal adventure, one that I can appreciate more then normal Amnesia FM's because they actually try to be different. But that can backfire and can become a 'random scare' simulator. It can give mappers the license to throw the scares at us whenever they want, the advantage is they can be placed exactly when we least expect it the problem is they can seem cheap and random... and its easy for it to become annoying if done a bit to often. I found this to be just right and a overall well made mod that has a drive to keep the player going and a fairly interesting concept for the story... the 2 endings where well implemented.

My only issue was finding out that the "blue light" didn't look very blue so I had no idea that it was my 'memories book'...

This story is unique for it's wierd levels and intresting story, although it was pretty confusing and I did honestly hope for more challange and a deeper biography of the characters and a bit more details and a better variation of musics.

Also, key quests are overused in this story! Not to mention the flying naked guys...

4/10 - Okey

A few nice scares/sequences but the rest of this story is average. Also has some cheap jumpscares


This custom story was very entertaining.


open the door and see the magic


MattyJacko94 says

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It was OK - nothing more, nothing less really. I did like the idea of the story however the maps themselves were kind of poorly built - during the water monster section i just walked through a wall and in my opinion there should be some Health potion at the bottom when you fall down the well because you just take a unnecessary death. I liked the idea again of the two choice ending however it turn out there was only one real option which was a shame!!

Overall it's a decent map with some nice puzzles and it did pass the time however i would make the request you just spend a little longer tweaking with the maps to avoid the problems

One of the best custom stories I've ever played :)

Very enjoyable a little bugged, but all the crazyness made up for it :P looking forward to be trapped in you mind again !

- A couple of glitches (stuck drawers, boxes clipping walls, chairs flinging across the room).
- Poor grammar and spelling in most notes.
- Some awkward environments, like the crazy door room (I realize it's for the insanity effect, but the black drop off underneath the map is kinda weird).
- While we're on the topic, figuring it out was rather confusing. Jumped a few times to my death because I tried to keep teleporting back to the room before.
- A few random jump scares (but they're reasonable, as they're justified by the character's insanity).
- Flying naked man, never original.
- The blind Kaernk (couldn't seem to find his way around the corridors; ended up making the encounter less scary).
- The grunt that couldn't figure out how to walk around a table (although it made for a good laugh).
- The opinionated endings. I think you should have left them as they were without the commentary in the credits. Neither option is "correct", it's just what people personally think is the right choice. Leaving it open to discussion makes it more interesting and though-provoking.

- Longer-than-average length for a custom story.
- Interesting story (grammar fixes would greatly improve it, though).
- (Surprisingly) A good ending for an Amnesia CS!
- Excellent atmosphere and environments.
- Good pacing overall with the scares.
- Great balance of calm-vs-tense moments.
- Above-average jump scares.
- That arm room.
- The fountain room.
- That Cuprite run (OHMYGOD I've never been so frightened in an Amnesia story).

I have to say, I absolutely loved this CS. It was incredibly well done and I think the only thing that could improve it are a few bug fixes and minor details. Easily one of my favorites and definitely worth the download.

- Story: 8/10
- Length: 8/10
- Puzzles: 7/10
- Scares: 9/10
- Environments: 9/10
- Originality: 8/10


It's awful

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