Devolution is very different from other Total Annihilation mods- do not look to Devolution just for more units and flashiness, but instead expect top quality work that blends into Cavedog's original style, and keeps the game simple. Units all have clearly defined roles- when faced with a new mod, most players have to spend some time figuring out which units are worth building, which units are underpowered, and which units are simply the best of their niche. Devolution aims to never overcrowd a niche, and to keep every unit useful- you won't find ten different units that essentially do the same thing, one overshadowing all of the others. So, Devolution has fewer units than other mods, and even fewer units than OTA, but you will find new tactics, new strategy, and new dynamics between some familiar units, and some new units. Devolution is not meant to be an expansion, or a compilation mod, but something totally different- bare-bones, with some great new features.

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