Titanium Wars Mod is high quality DoW mod with almost all Games Workshop units. Features of this mod: - Many-many new units and buildings. Extended tech tree. - Many-many new abilities and upgrades. - New Heroes and fully functional Heroes wargear. - RPG elements from CutterShane's Heroes System. Experienced units after battles. - Fully functional single campain, skirmish, and multiplayer. - And finally Titans and Titan-like units!

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Jan 27 2012 Anchor

NB!: If you have used a previous version of TWM, then completely uninstall it before installing the new version.

Installation instructions.

Simply extract Mod files from archive to your DoW: DC directory with keeping of the directory structure. If you see in your DoW:DC root directory one new directory named as Titanium_Wars_Mod and one new file TitaniumWars.module it means that installation was correct. Titanium Wars Mod ready to launch from Game Manager in DoW:DC. For more comfort Mod launching, create copy of DoW shortcut, open shortcut property and edit run string. Add parameter -modname TitaniumWars. Example of correct run string:

"D:\Games\Dawn of War Dark Crusade\DarkCrusade.exe" -forcehighpoly -nomovies -modname TitaniumWars

Don't forget about new native shortcut icon titanium.ico. ;-) It located in Mod directory. Launch Mod from new shortcut and enjoy! Old shortcut for classic DoW:DC must be edited with adding parameter -modname Dxp2 for correct launching of classic DoW game. Example:

"D:\Games\Dawn of War Dark Crusade\DarkCrusade.exe" -forcehighpoly -nomovies -modname Dxp2

If you want to play campaign you can copy Movies directory from DXP2 directory to Titanium_Wars_Mod directory for seeing intro-movies. If you've used an old version of the Mod before, delete the directory "titaniumwars" from the Profiles directory in your game profile (Profile1 usually) BEFORE installing the new version. It is necessary for proper installation of hot keys and delete old saves. Using old saves with new version of the Mod is not recommended.

Uninstallation instructions.

Simply delete Titanium_Wars_Mod directory and TitaniumWars.module file from root directory of DoW:DC. Also delete "titaniumwars" directory from the Profiles directory in your game profile (Profile1 usually).

For removing TWM-logo, just delete file: Engine\Data\art\ui\textures\wxp_loadscreen_dawn_of_war.dds. Path from DoW root directory.

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Oct 7 2012 Anchor

I installed the mod and not show in game manager nothink

Oct 7 2012 Anchor

You have DoW DC ver.1.00 obviously. Install official patch 1.20. TWM is working only on ver.1.20.

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Oct 7 2012 Anchor

yes I did already its working fine nice job though

Oct 8 2012 Anchor

Ok. Good luck in epic battles. :)

Fire_Warrior cannon fodder
Dec 8 2012 Anchor

hey i installed the mod but it continually runs me as an AI controlled player when i try to play a skirmish. it's kind of like when you watch a replay.
do you have any idea on how to fix this???


When all forms of attack fail, start Exterminatus and blow the f*** out of the planet. Then attack from the front, just incase.

Dec 8 2012 Anchor

Remove -dev parameter from run string. Don't use -dev parameter in ordinary play. Read installation instruction carefully.

Fire_Warrior cannon fodder
Dec 9 2012 Anchor

ah cheers mate :lol: brilliant mod by the way!!!


When all forms of attack fail, start Exterminatus and blow the f*** out of the planet. Then attack from the front, just incase.

Jan 10 2013 Anchor

I have extracted the files into my dark crusade folder but now when I try to start the game it crashes. I am running windows 7 on my computer.

Jan 11 2013 Anchor

Install the Mod correctly. Read installation instructions carefully. Use compatibility mode with WinXP for DoW playing. No any problem under Win7 in skirmish and multiplayer. Only one knowing problem in campaign under Win7. Read the NOTE about it in starter and/or changelog txt-file.

No any problem under WinXP 32bit.

Mar 12 2013 This post has been deleted.
Apr 28 2013 Anchor

Have to say, Amazing Mod! This made me bring out this game from the depths of my collections :)That said, I have to report a bug. I am playing Tau campaign, on Win7 x64 with compatibility set to WinXP SP2. Game runs great. I am in the Necron Stronghold, where after playing for some time, I get this::

  • Fatal Scar Error: Execution paused

So I checked for it online, received no relief. I tried Ctrl + Shift + ~, I got this::

  • SCAR-- *ALERT: Invalid Parameter2(type = float) in function Rule_AddIntervalDelay:
  • LUA: DATA:: Scenarios\SP\STRONGHOLD_NECRON.scar Ln 4073: Rule_MonitorMonolithsFront
  • SCAR-- Couldn't execute rule: Rule_MonitorMonolithsFront
  • SCAR-- FATAL SCAR Error. Execution has been paused

I can resume the game by hitting PauseBreak key, but then the remaining game triggers are not executed. Please help :)

Apr 28 2013 Anchor

To binayakachakraborty. Ooops! This bug appeared only in last version. I see cause. It will be fixed. Thanks for report.

It was added later:

I made new Hotfix 022 for resolving this problem. Download, repair, and try.

Edited by: GrOrc

Apr 28 2013 Anchor

Thank you. Sorry, but I am extremely new to moddb, and I can't find the hotfix anywhere. Can you provide a link? I tried Moddb.com but couldn't find it.
EDIT: Ah, seems like it is awaiting authorization. Okay, I will test it out later then. Thanks again :)

Edited by: binayakachakraborty

Apr 29 2013 Anchor

Any new files and articles are needed authorization here on ModDB (1-3 days). Depends on admins activity.

Jun 4 2013 Anchor

I use home vista when I download it is in ether .rad or .zpm how do I make it suitable for it to work?

Nov 2 2013 Anchor

Hi, there are some way to turn off heroes in DC campaing? I can´t finish necrons Stronghold because their units have hero rank 9 (quick movements and supermavise healh, I can´t kill them

Sorry for my bad english

Nov 4 2013 Anchor

To CodyC53. Do not save during that mission. Read on Relicnews forum (of TWM for DC) about this in details.

Jan 25 2014 Anchor

Hi, your mod look awesome but i can't figure out how to install it...
English is not my native language and i have to admit that it's difficult for me to translate your instructions but i deeply want to try your mod. Do you think that you can re-write the instructions in french or maybe with simple english words ? I don't want to bother : if it's impossible so be it

Mar 30 2014 Anchor

Hi, this mod hangs the campain when I beat Eldar, playing as Tau - after winning, there is an animation where Great Knarlock starts to fight with the avatar, then it's "Fatal AI error - AI execution paused". That's all, nothing else happens, only way out is to close the game.

Apr 1 2014 Anchor

To nesk. When you see error message then open console (Control+Shift+~), make screenshot (PrtScrn) and sent it to me.

May 23 2014 Anchor

When are You Going to Release a Patch That Fix's the Campaign. Like Some of the Text and Tooltips. Also There's Something Wrong with General Sturnn's Claws They Don't Extend When He Examines Them in Both the DC and SS Versions?. Is it Because of the Power Fist Wargear?.

May 24 2014 Anchor

To FoxHoundX7.

1. Specify the concrete text-errors in the descriptions and I'll fix them.
2. I never have problem with wargear. Including Sturnn's Claw.

Edited by: GrOrc

May 25 2014 Anchor

1 Campaign Chaos Honor Guard Units like the Chosen Champions Squad and the Khorne Champions Squad on the Map and in Mission it says their Squad leader is Firaeveus Carron.

2 i Meant the Idle Unit Animation of General Sturnn's when he checks Power Claw or Master Claw. it worked fine on the Vanilla Sturnn. Alexander and Stubbs.

3 Why did you Change the Team Colour for the Chaos Army and Tau Army in the Soulstorm Campaign. You do Realize the Chaos Lord in that Campaign has a Slight Problem with his Shoulder Pads Staying in Alpha Legion Colors and Possibly the Tau Wargear Staying in Fal'shia Color.

4 Would it be Possible to add the Daemon Hunters to this Version of TW. it would not be too hard to have Eight races in a DC Mod. i Mean Look at Firestorm over Kronus it has the Black Templar's which Brings it to a total of Eight Races. How hard could it be to Bring a total of Eight races to Titanium Wars DC.

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May 25 2014 Anchor

How do I revert the camera FOV to the original?

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