You are Gordon Freeman, formerly a scientist at Black Mesa Research Establishment, now reluctantly employed by a mysterious organisation as a troubleshooter. (They send you out looking for trouble, and when you find it, you shoot it.) You are contacted by the Man in Blue. He seems strangely worried; something has ruffled his normally impenetrable character. "Mr Freeman, we need your help urgently. It seems that somebody at Black Mesa has been experimenting with ... unconventional applications of the dimensional gateway technology. They have developed what appears to be a working time machine. "Unfortunately, the scientists who were working on it disappeared before we could ... persuade them to turn it over to us. It appears that we were not the only ones following their work from behind the scenes. A renegade organisation within the US Marine Corps got to them before we did, and used their technology to travel into the past.. Gordon Freeman against Naziz. Author: Ross Smith

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Fantastic voyage.


Classic stuff! Be sure you've played it.


Pretty damn spectacular series of mods.

One of the best mod series I have ever played.

Very nice series. All of them quite lengthy and fun. I guess it's a classic and it's fun to play when bored, however I don't recommend playing it on hard mode because it becomes a pain in the *** with no fun especially on parts where enemies keeps respawning until you do a certain thing and sometimes it gets confusing on what to do and if you did right but maybe that's just me also the mod makes you visit many places in different times which is pretty fun especially the void jumping in the third one XD.

This series simply got better and better with every installment.

While it's unfortunate that not nearly enough games tackle the idea of time-travel as much as alternate history scenarios, it does make Timeline a lot more memorable for being so.

While the first installment was engaging and ambitious, it was rather clunky around the edges, this con was stamped out with the next couple of speedy released that grew longer and contained plenty of new ideas and locations with some nice inspiration and nods to great songs.

The gameplay is basic for a hL mod, but there is no need to fix something that isn't broken, and many fights can become quite frantic yet still fair.

My only complaint about the entire series is the large number of backtracking sequences, and there are times where fast-paced players will simply get lost.
For me, this is a small blemish on an otherwise great series with plenty of memorable sequences that are still fresh in my mind all these years.

No true HL fan should miss this timeless series :)


First one was average but the last one is incredible. Very interesting series with numerous fights, funny cutscenes, and you fight nazis and Hitler himself, so well... Good!

I found that at last! Occasionally i remembered the icy scenes of this mod and i wondered everytime what was that mod in my mind.

I can say this mod was really great even after many years later. I played on my old and faithful Celeron 400MHz PC circa 2003. Maybe time to play it again on a new one.

Timeline 1

+It’s quite got some real challenging gameplay, good variety in environments, a decent premise for the storyline, long length.
-Some areas are just so big and box like, alot of corridors and places with tons of crates, Xen part was way to short & theres no aliens to kill.

The ending was pretty neat and I liked the idea of how you handled the, eh problem ;)


Timeline 2 Iced Earth

Theres so much to like about this one.
First off its better than its predecessor by a mile, It's got everything going for it.

+Excellent level design, Unique environment thanks to new textures, Good pacing, Challenging, Some great set pieces, Very long
-Tough boss battle in a way people might not appreciate, One tough unintuitive puzzle, Story was rather simple


Timeline 3 Heart of Darkness

This I feel is a rather disappointment considering how great a improvement the previous timeline mod was. Here the Nazi’s are actually still alive because they have solidified them selves into many timelines so they still exist (eventhough their timeline was destroyed… shouldn’t it have wiped out whatever they did afterwards?) The mod gives some weird explanation of how they have a temporal distortion device blah blah, what ever the explanation we get to fight the nazi’s again.

+Some very unique environments in the future
+They all have some very unique texture work
+Quite a challenge
+Very long

-A bit to much running around! When you blow up a generator you have to run all the way back... hurts the pacing.
-Obscure puzzle that requires you to back track and open a door with a key card that has no key card slot
-One of the future places was rather short and simple with that pyramid.
-London was extremely short, less than 5 minutes... I was so excited for it only to be taken into the future again.
-One area has infinity spawning grunts, a bit annoying if you don't realize you have to run back to the teleporter room.
-A sad Deus Ex Machine ending.


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Fantastic voyage.

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