"War... War never changes. The reasons why we fight these wars remain much the same; some are fought to conquer, for religious and ideological beliefs, other wars are fought over gold, oil, spices – natural resources and money. Power is the key element. This war is no different - except there's nothing natural about Tiberium. The year is 1995 and we have just begun to open up our eyes to view a brave new future, some will come to say it's a horrific future. It is the Dawn of the Tiberian future." --- Tiberian Dawn is a total-conversion for the game Command & Conquer: Tiberium Wars. Our goal is to bring C&C1;to a new engine, with enhanced features and graphics while also bringing back much of the classic style of gameplay while not taking steps back from what C&C3;implemented in the series as gameplay features. This is not of course our only goal - the idea of the total-conversion was inspired by an art piece by Godwin that showed the cruelty and bitter humanity of...

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Tiberian Dawn mod team reveal all in an exclusive interview with cncnation.net

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cncnation.net has just completed an exciting new, very in-depth interview with the Tiberian Dawn mod team where members of the team talk about their influences, the future of the mod, thoughts on the C&C3 SDK and much much more!

A brief extract follows:

You have had the SDK to play with for quite a while now, is it up to scratch, or do you wish there was more you could do with it?
Duuude007:The SDK has a great deal of useful tools that we are still tearing apart and putting back together, but yes, there are some limitations hardcoded into the C&C3 source, that make some changes near impossible to make happen. (like giving a transport vehicle 5 spots to store units). We also have some ideas on how to improve upon existing features, but I'd rather wait to reveal too much on that subject Wink
The latest models have been primarily transportation based, (APC and Chinook) what can we expect to see in the coming weeks?
Nyerguds: Hmm... possibly some structures, I'd say.
Most definitely, we are in fact in the middle of 2 major structures being built, the Refinery and the Weapons Factory. The details being added are pretty significant, as we wanted these to feel like active elements of the base, not just static warehouses. Even something as simple as a door opening has had a lot of thought put into its method.

So head over to cncnation.net and check out the interview right here .

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