Third Age - Total War is a total conversion for 'Medieval II: Total War - Kingdoms Expansion' that brings you into the world of Middle-earth.

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Jan 4 2009 Anchor

Faction Preview:Dwarves
Units created by King Kong


Dwarven Warriors

Dwarven Axemen

Dwarven Halberdmen

Vault Wardens




Dwarven Nobles

Iron Guard

Axemen of Erebor (AOR Unit)

Dragonslayers of Ered Mithrin (AOR Unit)

General with Bodyguards

Exclusive Mercenaries:
- Dale Archers
- Dale Cavalry

Check orginal preview in here. ;)

Edited by: Varjon

Jan 4 2009 Anchor

sweet...whats AOR mean?

Jan 5 2009 Anchor

It satnds for Area Of Recruitment. It means that you can recruit AOR units only from certain areas. In case of Axemen of Erebor you can recruit them only from Erebor and Dragonslayers of Ered Mitrin only from Ered Mithrin. ;)

Jan 5 2009 Anchor

ohhhh...thats kool..i'm wondering?

have u played it yet?

Jan 5 2009 Anchor

I have "Alpha" version of this modification like some other developers, too, but it's very very early version. No 2D art, lots of bugs, only small part of total units, etc. ;)

Jan 5 2009 Anchor

oh...well i;m betting u'll play the new version wen it comes out...wont u?

Jan 6 2009 Anchor

Sure, I love this modification and I've been supporting first as a fan and later as a team mate since the beginning. :)

Jan 7 2009 Anchor

wat abt LOTR Conquest?

will u play that?

if so tell me ur X-BOX 360 gamertag if you play online...that is if u have a 360?:lol:

Jan 7 2009 Anchor

I'm not sure yet. I don't know a lot about that game.

Jan 7 2009 Anchor

its alot of fun...iaam playing the demo online...ur in the shire..1 map and the other is minas tirith..then there is training!thats fun!

Jan 11 2009 Anchor

Never been a fan of the Dwarves but these look pretty sweet.

Jan 11 2009 Anchor

yea...dwarves for me are not seen much in the movies which just makes me like elves/and/isengard!

silvan elves/mirkwood/lothlorien elves are united together wich is ok but you'll probobly have to attack right away if you want to link your knigdom 2gether!

don't know much bout the isengard faction, but i know that they will be kikin rohan/gondor/silvan and high elves/...and when the time comes mordor!

Apr 8 2009 Anchor

Dwarves are pretty cool, playing as them just make them cooler. Hang on guys!

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