Third Age - Total War is a total conversion for 'Medieval II: Total War - Kingdoms Expansion' that brings you into the world of Middle-earth.

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Dec 24 2008 Anchor

I was wondering is this mod playable online?

Jan 3 2009 Anchor

We will have hotseat campaign but I'm not sure are custom battles playable online. ;)

Jan 4 2009 Anchor

custom battles can be played online, too. ;)

Jan 4 2009 Anchor

can the next preview be an elven race...another question...

is the Galadrihm in the silvan or high elves?:confused:

another question...

can u pos all the generals in the factions that are ready?

Jan 5 2009 Anchor

We have already posted preview of all elven units which have been finished. Elves of Lothlórien will be part of Silvan Elves. If you mean custom general models such as Aragorn or Legolas, we haven't even started them yet and custom general models won't probably be in first release. ;)

Jan 5 2009 Anchor

okie dokey thanks again!

wuts ur release estimate

that u think it'll be ready?

Jan 5 2009 Anchor

Public release will hopefully be around February if everything goes well. :)

Jan 5 2009 Anchor

uhm u should chek out the 4 ag tw v2.5

they have good ideas like once the galadhrim archers arrows are up they have a elven longsword...

how many units are in a platoon/company?


Jan 5 2009 Anchor

I've had FA:TW The New Shadow but I don't have R:TW on my PC at the moment. :)

We will have three heavy Galadhrim units: Galadhrim Swordsmen, Galadhrim Spearmen and Galadhrim Archers. They will have same armor and weaponry as those elves which came to Helm's Deep in movie. ;)

It depends about faction and unit but for an example basic spearmen unit of Rohan would have about 60 soldiers in unit on normal unit size settings.

Edited by: Varjon

Jan 5 2009 Anchor

awesome...what about the elves Haldir(elven general that led that army to the Hornburg)had in the 1st movie frankly(light armour elves)

will the elves from mirkwood and lothlorien be played together if (u) choose silvan elves?

Jan 6 2009 Anchor

Those border guards have already been made by Shredder. Yes, in later releases we might separate them into Woodland Realm and Lothlórien but for now they are united. ;)

Edited by: Varjon

Jan 7 2009 Anchor

alright...further questions will be asked...keep up the magnificent work...(tell that to your collegues

will they have same units everywhere...or... like the special units at Cara-Galahdon/Thranduils Hall...or same unit types at every city/forts?

(dragon slayers of sumtin sumtin/some guards from erebor..etc.

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