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Report content The Zombie Apocalypse V0.3 for PS3
Sep 22nd, 2008
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Zombie Apocalypse V0.3 has been recoded and recompiled and it works for the ps3 version of UT3 It works, but needs to be optimized Hopefully it will be optimized soon

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The Zombie Apocalypse V0.3 for PS3
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pvt.Johnson Sep 23 2008 says:

Wow thanks for the PS3 version man, to bad i never use my PS3(i have UT3 for it though). Maybe if you keep updating this mod i'll try it out eventually.

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Lachadonan Author
Lachadonan Sep 23 2008 replied:

We will keep updating, however it is just like the computer version so you might want to stick with that

but if you dont have a fast computer than here is a good alternative

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metatronstar Sep 23 2008 says:

Ok tried it....Map cycles do NOT work some of the time i dont know why, some of the guns dont appear, but all in all its very much like a massacre, love the way the zombies walk and strike, can get a bit laggy unfortunately, maybe some low poly/oldshchool maps to play against the zombies in, all in all for whats done its pretty fantastic.!

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Lachadonan Author
Lachadonan Sep 23 2008 replied:

my thoughts exactly, the only reason we started using ut3 was so it would be on the ps3

and ut3 isnt built to run 300 bots on high settings on the ps3

we will be seriously optimizing the game, hopefully without lowering the zombie count

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metatronstar Sep 24 2008 replied:

optimisation eh, well i hope you bring in some diverse zombies for the next ps3 build, for optimisation i would suggest you make a map specially for testing out the zombie apocolypse on, something low poly, but still structured, i cant help you with any more suggestions though im stumped!

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Lachadonan Author
Lachadonan Sep 27 2008 replied:

well thats very helpful indeed, we will be focusing on gameplay and then graphics. So we can still have alot of zombies as well as a large enviroment.

I am sure we will find a nice happy medium somewhere

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Mislum18 Oct 12 2008 says:

Is this made for playing Multiplayer yet? I tried it in MP with a friend, but neither of us could spawn, we where stuck in spectator mode watching the zombies...

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stevil May 31 2009 replied:

yeah, i have the same problem as mislum 16. doesn't work on multiplayer.

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danesplace Jan 31 2009 says:

How would i be able to play this on my ps3 can i downloud it on to a flash drive and downloud from the flash drive onto the ps3 and it will be like a save game or something. im sorry im new and iv always wanted mods for my ps3.

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KingLorenzo Apr 25 2009 replied:

To play it on your PS3 download onto your flash drive, put that in your PS3, start up UT3, go to 'community', then 'mod browser', press square I think to import content, choose your flash drive to import from, and that should be it so you just start the mod up from instant action, as it will be displayed as a new game mode. Hope I helped :D

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KingLorenzo Apr 25 2009 says:

Also, I thought it was pretty good really, no other mods like that on ps3 I think (I love zombie mods :P) but what's up with the freaky invisible gun? I think you should create or get someone to create custom weapons for this mod like uzis or shotguns and stuff. You should also try to get different death animations for the zombies or something. Still a fantastic effort! XD

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GoldSparrow Jun 6 2009 says:

yea dude thers so many bots that it lags alot and when you go to another map it like freezes

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gamersuper69 Jul 9 2009 says:

Whats UT3 and how do you get it on your ps3. Sorry im new to this. Oh and how do you get it on your ps3 through pc.?

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SecondSoul Aug 26 2009 replied:

UT3 Is an a Video Game.... You get it on your PS3 by buying the game, Opening the case, and putting it in. You get it from your Computer to your PS3 using a USB memory card.

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Mighty_Guy Nov 24 2009 says:

Some things I've noticed with the demo (please don't take this the wrong way. It's just some log, no harsh criticism intended.)

-The zombies are all the same (well, not really much of an issue, try this as a last priority)
-The zombies sometimes don't even hit you at all
-There is a weapon called "WEAPON" but it's like...invisible
-You can choose any map that you have installed on ut3...which makes for some really un-atmospheric events (will you be providing custom maps?)
-The weapons are still the same (but the double-barreled shotty you guys are working on looks cool)
-Zombies don't bleed, only if you shoot them in the head
-Animations for the zombies

Those are all of my notes on the demo. They're things you guys can improve on. Again, I mean no harsh criticism. Thanks again for the ps3 build =)

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Stevi23 Dec 29 2010 says:

This looks like an excellent mod but I already downloaded The Haunted mod and i don't know if i should get this. Can you add a gameplay video so I can decide easier?
Sorry i just noticed the vid.

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KingKannibal Aug 20 2012 says:

Downloaded this for my little bro cause I got tired of him playing that lame *** infected game mode on MW3!

Thanks team!

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