About two years and one half were needed to make this mod possible. It modifies and improves greatly every aspect of Stalker: Clear Sky, excepted the main storyline and side quests which remain unchanged. See the full changelog for more information.

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NDBert says

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Best mod for CS I've played so far. Many weapons and unpredictable situations. Warning: it's not for beginners. The mod is absolutely hardcore


xxc says

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Great mod adds alot of content into the game.


Nice Mod Man!


good mod

The biggest number of new content (especally weapons) I´ve seen in a Clear Sky-Mod so far.
Good job, unless its a little bit unstable some times... =.(

I can´t understand why this mod is rated so bad, it seems like somebody puts a lot of work in it to make it playable. This mod is for free, isn´t it? Download it, enjoy it, and if you don´t, then give some constructive criticism and don´t let it die through bad ratings.
I´m pretty sure that this isn´t a "bad mod" (previously review).

At the end, its a mod, created by one person and not by a whole, well payed developing team including hundred of testers.

Thanks for this mod and greetings from germany!

Really fun. hard and exiting. it is an awesome game.

It's the most dynamic mod I've ever played. I've been playin' it since its first release, and until now I still find new surprising things, artifacts and AI behavior. This mod doesn't need perfect models, doesn't need perfect shaders, doesn't need anything of what those 6 GB mods out there got...it's perfect how it is, and I choose this one over any other mod.


Great mod but has a lot of things that need to be done.
IT's great that you can use a lot of weapons but 60% of them are the same with different texture and caliber.
The Vanilla pistols don't have ironsights and exept that tiny dot in the middle of the screen there isn't any way to use them properly.
I love the mutants that you have put in but it's a bit weird to meet with a Chimera in the first lair you find.
And the mod is unstable. More stable than most of the mods but still a pain in the *** when the savegame you just made corrupts because it's friday.

Well i wanted a hardcore mod and it is one... But it is not hard its just noncredible and artificial...

-good sounds of guns
-nice textures
-really hard(what was very important for me)

-no ironsights for pistols and no crooshair what makes them 100% useless...
-much too strong mutants(i mean vanilla lategame mutants like chims) and also too much of them even in the lairs in swamp(the first lair i wanted to kill had 1 chimera 2 ghosts bloodsuckers pseudos etc...)
-too good guns from the first minute(the first bandit i killed had 3!!! guns with him, a DRAGUNOV, a SAIGA and something that looked like a ppsh but used 12gauge ammo)
-factionwars are even more broken than in vanilla!(you get an mission to kill post XY but when you have killed nearly all enemies the quest breaks up and everythng was for nothing...
-Just incredible wasted trading: Everyone sells you load of weapons like MGs Snipers or assault rifles with some random ammo. And they do this from the very first beginning but you swim in money because selling the vanilla lategame guns you took from bandits!!! gives loads of money...
-new stuff in the mod has no description... so if you wanna use some of the new grenades or guns etc. you have to try what they do and what ammo they use because rtheir description is like: ds_pesrz_wpn214...

Concluding i would say this mod makes STALKER to a bad CoD clone using the best equipment from the very first minute to kill the best mutants in game after 5mins of playing... After installing this mod stalker cs is not a stalker anymore...

Excellent mod

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Best mod for CS I've played so far. Many weapons and unpredictable situations. Warning: it's not for beginners. The mod is absolutely hardcore

Sep 11 2013 by NDBert