4 years have past since the Capella Star was destroyed be the Shivans. Things have been quieting down a little since then. Terran Command has started work on the installation to rejoin Earth back with Command. Terran and Vasudan peace treaties couldn't be stronger. Yet Command wanted to re-establish connections with the Capella system, and so, finding the the subspace node had stabilized over the four years, they sent a scout back to investigate what remained. Four hours later that same scout reported in that nothing was left... Except, where the Capella star once burned brightly in the sky, a new subspace node had formed and around it, Shivans ships. Also, un-announced to the GTVA,an uprising of a new religious faction, calling themselves the Craven Radicals, is emerging to challenge the GTVA. So yet again, the pilot Alpha 1, must serve the Aquitaine once more to help fight off the Third Great War.

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