Hello to you all and welcome to the "SWORD AND AXE" mod! It's a mod for Mount&Blade; Warband and it is centered around the Scandinavia Viking Age circa 850AD. Complete list of features as well as credits follows down below. Thank you all and enjoy!

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If you wanted a whole mod about factions like the nords and forming a shield wall in battles then you will love this and its not even done

I have been waiting for long time for a viking mod like this one! Thanks!

Had some really good music, but lacked a huge difference between native.

Pretty damn good! Finnmark FTW!

Good mod with great potential. Even in this early release the atmosphere the game provides is exceptional. You do feel like a viking. However I do find the text hard to read and would like to see formations so it feels like you are fighting in a shield wall. Looking forward to updates.

This mod is basically the mod I've been waiting for in literally years. A mod set in 9th century Scandinavia. It is very well executed, and I would say it's one of Antonis' best mods, I will never delete it, good job!

Is a really good mod,ist epic,good music.I totally recomended

Played the mod for weeks on end! I barely got any sleep at all. The satisfaction of training Vikings and sending a axe through your enemies skull's makes this mod worth taking the time to download it.


This is a spectacular mod, the soundtrack is killer and all of the interactions in the world feel very natural, as if I was a viking roaming the land pillaging and looting. I highly recommend this mod.

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