The Rights of Man on casus belli, casus foederis in the Age of Reason “I begin by taking. I shall find scholars later to demonstrate my perfect Right.” - Frederick II the Great It is the dawn of a glorious modern age. Reason -- even "enlightenment" -- courses through the veins of nation-states. In the streets of Paris, men speak of the "Droits de l'Homme". The common man now fights for a flag and pro patria -- not just because a feudal lord has conscripted him in service. Yet, some leaders see these so-called "rights" as a poison to be resisted at all costs. The principles of natural philosophy guide the wealthy as they strive to accumulate yet more wealth. The medieval prejudices against earning money and trading are still strong, so many make use of "factors" -- agents who act on behalf of a wealthy lord to create yet more wealth, seemingly from nothing as gold multiplies itself.

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