You are a new member of the Siberian resistance... To the south of you city A-36 burns to ash along with the Resistance base of operations in the area. You are taken off the street from your home to fight for the resistance. The next move involves migrating the armed and the refugees to the Siberian tundra to seek refuge in its ominous waste. Unforgiving War and freezing temperatures await you.

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Dec 6 2011 Anchor

What do you guys think. a barebones alpha pre release... for those of you who followed...?8)

Dec 17 2011 Anchor

I'm voting yes, give the community a chance to see what TNR is like

Jan 16 2012 Anchor

Try to get as much bugs fixed as possible if there are any at all. I'd rather have it short and sweet :)

Jan 17 2012 Anchor

PresidentDomo wrote:Try to get as much bugs fixed as possible if there are any at all. I'd rather have it short and sweet :)

Yea it will be a while, we want to have the FP engine worked out almost all the way before we let anyone touch the game. lol

Bychop Level Artist
May 17 2012 Anchor

I think is a bad idea. Pre-alpha is no advanced and heavy bugged.
There is my suggestion:
- Release one gold chapter by X time to the communauty as like as Half-life "episodes".


Samuel "Bychop" Gauthier

May 17 2012 Anchor

nah i think a demo yes, but not a serios of games

Jun 7 2012 Anchor

You guys should do a small demo of one finished and polished level, it will show people what they can expect when the full game is launched.

Jun 7 2012 Anchor

well i would like to do that, but i put too many screen shots up, it would be like playing the pictures.

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