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Welcome to The Mortewood Plaza. Best summed up in three words; Zombies, Weapons and Mayhem! Created By Dec Doyle.

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Well this is The Mortewood Plaza: Very Frequently Asked Question list. I should cover MANY questions that have all been asked at least 3 times or more in the past. So please check here before commenting with a question.

Posted by Dec1234 on Jul 18th, 2009

The Mortewood Plaza VFAQ.

Q: When will this be out?
A: When its finished. You must understand that this mod is a very small perfect complete, you have prtobably seen the video and thought that killing the zombies looks awesome? Well if it does that isnt the only thing in the mod. The mod at the moment is just a little sandbox thnig for me to test my weapons. I need maps, gameplay, story, characters and still a ton more weapons. This will all be done over time. I would estimate a planned release in 2010.

Q: Can i beta test?
A: I'm sorry but i have a large number of testers, all are close friends to me in real life so this is a fully closed beta, a few others online have given this for being my internet friends or for helping me a considerable amount with the mod.

Q: Is this made by one person?
A: Yeah it is! I do have help from some really awesome people and a couply of mappers along side me to help in the future, but for the time being its a one man team!

Q: Can i join the team?
A: No sorry, i have no need for any team members and one day i hope to use this mod as a reference in a job, how much of a boost would it give me to tell a developement company that i have a huge one man self motivated project that many people played and loved!

Q: What is with the maps, they are not up to standard.
A: This is becuase in my plan of developement i wil start on the maps last. First weapons, then gamemodes, then characters, then others and finally maps.

Q: What is needed to play?
A: Like most mods only a Source game is needed. CSS, DOD:S, HL2, Orange Box etc. EP2 may be required after release for additional props and textures but this will be told in 2011.

Q: It looks finished, why dont you release a beta?

A: Because it is not finished, you need to realise that this mod will not contain just killing zombies, im packing it full of so much stuff that its almost not a zombie mod at all but something much more. O hope you can see this.

Q: Why does it look like dead rising?

A: It does not. I did use some ideas from dead rising im my mod, this is becuase they are fitting and VERY good. If dead rising was never released then i still would have the same ideas. This mod i have planeed since i became a zombie fan, these ideas used were in Dead Rising and it made my a huge fan.

Q: Is this like Left 4 Dead?
A: No, not in the slightest. It looks differnt, it plays different and im sure some people will find it more fun.

Q: The story is a rip off of I Am Ledgend.
A: Again, no it is not. The whole "Cure for Cancer" idea has been around for years and is a perfect idea for a virus outbreak. Also I Am Ledgend was not zombies so i am free to use the idea.

Q: How many weapons are planned?
A: Planned? I would say around 78+ at the moment. This will vary as the mod progresses remember.

Q: Who do you play as in the story?
A: Commander Eric Slade, a special ops troop with an elite team of anti-terrorist troops who inisiallt go into this mall to remove the "terrorsits" who are trying to "steal" the cure. Or well zombies! :P

Q: I have a weapon idea!
A: Unless it is SUPREMELY useful, new and exciting then i sure i would love to hear. But remember if its stupid, then you are stupid and if its common then its probably been thought of before. I have been working on this a while and covered so much!

Q: Is this set only in the mall?
A: No, the mod singleplayer starts in the mall but then expands out onto the streets. Other gamemodes, maps and co-op levels will not even be relative to the mall or anything at all. They could range from a warehouse to a space-station for example.

Q: Can i make custom maps or content?
A: One of the key goals of this mod for me is to get people involved in creating new maps. I will supply a huge range of tutorials and my own mini SDK to allow people to make custom maps and stuff. The best maps will be chosen and place onto the Mortewood Launcher for many other people to download and play. It could be online or offline.

Q: I dont have a very good internet connection and/or prefair singleplayer.
A: Well if this is you then dont worry, on singleplayer not only will you have the storymode, but nearly ALL gamemodes will be avaliable on the Free-Mode menu, these can range from a simple Surival map to extermination.

Q: Why have other gamemodes like deathmatch and such?
A: Because this is not the basic zombie mod, im trying to reach as many people with this mod as possible by catering for all differnt gamemode lovers. Some people are not a fan of co-op and prefair competetive deathmatch gameplay with exciting new weapons and powerups.

Q: How does deathmatch work?
A: Deathmatch is a gamemode in Co-op were basically i re-use the maps from other gamemodes, fill them with stratigically placed weapons and powerups so people can play an exciting competetive deathmatch game on Mortewood.

Q: How does Co-op work?
A: Co-op will basically work on how the map does and the gamemode. You will not play through the normal storymode with friends, instead you will other craeted maps for co-op that will have differnt missions and gamemodes. E.g. "Mini-Mission" gamemode will just be a mission set in whatever theme the map is and will not be relative to the mall at all.

Q: Do you meet other survivors?
A: In storymode yes you will, try not to ask too many questions about the story becuase i am showing all weapons and co-op gamemodes but trying to keep the storymode a secret!

Q: What? Is that a portal gun?
A: No, its my own custom gun that i call the Teleport-gun. It is based off the portal gun becuase well... I love the portal gun. Portal was a fun game and with mortewood i bring you a whole new gamemode called "Teleportal". Its basically a fast paced more exciting version of portal. It WILL work on co-op and singleplayer free-mode too so yo ucan race your friends around maps and stuff!

Q: How does "Eric" carry all them weapons?
A: This has been debated to the core and i have decided this: WHO CARES?. This mod is NOT about realism its about fun, thousands of games dont make sense with the realism facter, i wanted to limit the weapons holable but its just no fun. So please deal with it.

Q: Do you start with all weapons?
A: What? No. You find them hidden around MANY MANY levels.

Q: Achievements! Do they go on steam?
A: No. Sorry but i dont have steamworks and never will, these are my own small mini achievements that are basically local. They cant be cheated as of yet and keep all the data on your PC. I am working on a mini little application that can export your achievement list into the form of a "Forum" post. You can then post this on the Mortewood Plaza forum (When created) to compare against others. I know this may seem stupid but its better than nothngi and offers a little big of fun and extra stuff in the game. First person to complete the game and get all Achievmetns will be heavily rewarded. Providing i can ensure that they did NOT cheat. There times will be recorded against mine. Someone who will have complete the game many times and know all secrets off by heart. I can then detect who is a loser.

Q: I saw a stick man!
A: Yeah he is a player model for co-op, as i said before; realism is my smallest concern.

Q: Whats the mod like for preformance?
A: At the moment its tolerable i think, i have a really good PC so its hard to judge. Some of my testers do have less spectacular machines and the prefoamce on singleplayer is fine, but they can take a hit online. Im working hard with cheats and hacks to somehow lower the prefoamce more and more as i add more things.

Q: Zombie bosses?
A: Yes, more info? Wait and see! :D

Q: Human bosses?
A: Yeah, more info? Wait even more!

Q: How many maps are planned?
A: Can't say, its all down to time and ideas!

Q: Child zombies? Are you serious?
A: Yeah why not? If you have a problem then just turn them off in the game options menu. (Children can NOT be gibbed)

Q: This weapon ????? should look like the one on this link: ???????
A: Chances are you are being too picky.

Q: Sometimes Dec you can be a real ass to people.
A: And? Working on a single man project for a year and having people acting like right jackasses and not reading descriptions can really anger me. I write this stuff to inform people. Guarenteed after i release this VFAQ people will still ask stupid qurestions. I will eventually go through and pick out all the worst i have been asked over the years to redeem myself of looking like a mean asshole. Try step into my shoes for a second please.

Q: Do melee weapons break?
A: Yeah they will, it will not be as weak as seen on dead rising but they will break and take more damage if hit on a wall rarther than a zombie (katana for example).

Q: Why do you have so many weapons?
A: Becuase its fun, its entertaining, it gives more things to do and for the biggest point of all picture this scenario: You make a map, its set in the streets. You can then look throught the mass list of weapons to find ones that fit perfextly with the scenario of the map. Obviosly a minigun cannot be found down an allyway. But what about a baseball bat? That could. Or a 2x4! If you think of it this way you will understand more.

Q: Will you release a Demo?
A: Yes, in the future when the base of the mod is done i will release a singleplayer demo. Certian awesome people will have the oppertunitty to play it first, if it all goes down well then the demo shall be released to the public.

Q: What is with the first person hands?
A: Ah well hands are very difficult to make and very time consuming. I do not wish to make the hands properly yet until my main character is designed. The ones I am using at the moment are a simple base skin, nothing special but are place holders for when I design my character and his hands from this storyline. This is a simple replace of the hands and I recompile all my models with the new hands once they are done. But for now just look at the weapons and don't be an idiot and complain.

Q: Are you releasing the source code?
A: At the start of the mod, no sorry.

Q: What about future updates?
A: Yes i have many updates and additions planned for the future, thats if i dont get them i nthe final in time.

Q: Do you comment back to everyone?
A: Yes, if someone took the time to comment me, i dont see why i should not repay the favor, i love to get involved in the community.

Q: Dec, can you teach me?
A: I have allot of work on my hands, while in work with 6 mods its really hard for me. After mortewood im hoping to start a website contained MANY source tutorials about everything. Manyt snippets and peices of code from mortewood will also be released free to people.

Q: Wow this is awesome can i donate some money to you? (By the way im not doing this for myself, i have honestly been asked this.)
A: I did come to making mortewood as a part time thing, now that around 3 people have said it to me i think its a great idea. Im also considering offering Donator items to those kind enough to well donate. The items will be specifically created weapons of their choice and can only be used by them online and nobody else. This will all be based on your Steam ID so its specific to you. If you think this is a good idea then please message me!

Q: I have a question about this map, or this gamemode and the question is how will it play out etc.
A: The general answer will depend on the map or gamemode. This coveres powerups, weapon spawns, zombie spawns, zombie types, zombie numbers etc.

Q: What programs do you use to develop this mod?
Modelling: 3ds Max 7
Textures: Photoshop CS4
Programming: Visual Studio 2005
Scripting: Notepad++
The rest is all source modding tools supplied by valve and the awesome community.

Q: Some zombies are fast, others are slow. Is this a bug? (Seriously an asked question...)
A: Even need to reply?

This will be updated as i go along!

Thanks if you took the time to read! :D

EDIT: Sorry for the bad formatting, in prieview its fine, yet when i save it, its all messed.

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Maggot4ever Jul 18 2009, 3:04pm says:

kwel info dec. Glad to know what to do and what not to do :D

+2 votes     reply to comment
Dec1234 Author
Dec1234 Jul 18 2009, 3:47pm replied:

Yeah man, its also there to inform you.

+1 vote   reply to comment
Blood-Borz Jul 18 2009, 3:10pm says:

Nice :)

+1 vote     reply to comment
Dec1234 Author
Dec1234 Jul 18 2009, 3:47pm replied:


+1 vote   reply to comment
TheSkunk Jul 18 2009, 3:59pm replied:

:D I always used to say "thanky" but to me I spelled it "thankee"

but who cares? I like this FAQ, good job.

+1 vote     reply to comment
Dec1234 Author
Dec1234 Jul 18 2009, 4:05pm replied:

Make no difference, just a different slang or way of saying it.

+1 vote   reply to comment
joure Jul 18 2009, 3:21pm says:

very nice faq right here dec, now let's hope people will pick up on this before asking the already covered questions.

+2 votes     reply to comment
Dec1234 Author
Dec1234 Jul 18 2009, 3:48pm replied:

Haha i still put money on people asking questions already answered on here!

+2 votes   reply to comment
Dullshooter Jul 18 2009, 3:27pm says:

Good move on being able to turn off children. By breaking will the weapons be unusable forever or just a more damaged model? Thanks for the FAQ, very helpful.

+2 votes     reply to comment
Dec1234 Author
Dec1234 Jul 18 2009, 3:48pm replied:

Well break usually means its broken. So forever until you find a new one basically.

And no problem!

+1 vote   reply to comment
hamabu Feb 4 2010, 8:43pm replied:

some broken weapons could be used as new weapons with new meelee attacks
example: broken bottles, broken 2x4...

but your comment is from july 2009, so im almost sure you have discussed this

btw this looks nice and funny mod :) keep the good work xD
*sry by my english im not american

+1 vote     reply to comment
KingJones Jul 18 2009, 3:29pm says:

Hey dec .
Love the donation idea and giving that donator a wep of there choice / design .
And i read all questions l0l very intresting .
I like the fact that melee weps can break and damage through time .
If you dont mind .
Lmao not to make people think im some child killer but .
You should make an option for gibs to be used on children 4 those who wanna be able to gibb all kidsz lmfao it wud be a difffrent experience . lol just 4 fun it not like u really wanna kill kidsz .
But if your being bittin or attacked by a child of course u wanna blow his damn head off lmfao Specially if hes not a child anymore and hes more of some kinda demon child from hell lmfao .
:) But otherwise . . . . great answers and great questions :))

+2 votes     reply to comment
Gadjilitron Jul 18 2009, 3:42pm replied:

Tbh, gibbing children is very, very wrong. He's pushing the border already with having the ability to just normally kill child zombies in the first place.

+3 votes     reply to comment
Dec1234 Author
Dec1234 Jul 18 2009, 3:49pm replied:


And im not changing on the non-gibbing kids. I am already pushing it with just having them. If you have a problem with that then i am sorry but its just how its going to be done.

+3 votes   reply to comment
KingJones Jul 18 2009, 3:59pm replied:

Ohh okay i dont have a problem . i just thought it'd be diffrent since no other mod has that :)
But whateva you say is fine with me .
I can understand that yes u are pushing the limit with just the kids them selves .
But okay .
Jsut thought id mention it to see what youd say .
But even if theres an "On" and "Off" option you cant do it :)
But yeah its fine . :D lol
im just a rough person muh self and i can never get to much action out of a blood game . None of these games out here even the bloodiest have suprised me yet lol .
Even smod with the gore **** they have lol that was bull 2 me.
jp but serious i cant get enough lol .

0 votes     reply to comment
Dec1234 Author
Dec1234 Jul 18 2009, 4:05pm replied:

Well i could have it, but its a choice due to well... Its just taking it too far. There is a valid reason why no mods or games have it.

Its okay if you like gore, the mod will have plenty, just not on the kids.

+4 votes   reply to comment
Prince_Dragoon Mar 2 2012, 2:20pm replied:

no more room in hell has dead children too.

+1 vote     reply to comment
Visorak06 Jul 18 2009, 3:34pm says:

Nice FAQ Dec, should help alleviate concerns.

+4 votes     reply to comment
Dec1234 Author
Dec1234 Jul 18 2009, 3:49pm replied:

Yeah man!

+1 vote   reply to comment
Armageddon104 Jul 18 2009, 3:50pm says:


-1 votes     reply to comment
Dec1234 Author
Dec1234 Jul 18 2009, 4:06pm replied:


+1 vote   reply to comment
benbellis Jul 18 2009, 4:09pm says:

to the loyal fan an update, to the newbs... "JEZUS H CHRIST" and dec, man, dont you even thiknk about worring for a game job you have EVERYTHING they could want man you practicaly set for life after this mod. if i forget to say it again, good luck with you life not that you need the slightets bit! and besides, the maps you show the weapons on look top notche to me >.0

+1 vote     reply to comment
Dec1234 Author
Dec1234 Jul 18 2009, 6:44pm replied:

Haha thanks man! The Underground map will be in the final, i will just add more detail and "dirt" to it. And then fill it with zombies! :D

+1 vote   reply to comment
hakamutsi Jul 18 2009, 4:19pm says:

Long FAQ..But nice...It was very informative!^^

+1 vote     reply to comment
Dec1234 Author
Dec1234 Jul 18 2009, 6:44pm replied:

Well i have had a LOT of frequently asked questions so i cant help it being long.

+1 vote   reply to comment
SkyJack3R Jul 18 2009, 4:41pm says:

Nice and Thanks ^^

+1 vote     reply to comment
Dec1234 Author
Dec1234 Jul 18 2009, 6:44pm replied:

No probs man!

+1 vote   reply to comment
Jokerme Jul 18 2009, 4:47pm says:

Dec, can you teach me?

I'll wait for it :) Good faq. Good luck...

-2 votes     reply to comment
Dec1234 Author
Dec1234 Jul 18 2009, 6:45pm replied:

Haha, thanks! :D

+1 vote   reply to comment
1995duncan1995 Jul 18 2009, 5:29pm buried:


sorry for probly sounding like an *** but does the guitar break and would there be stores or something in the mall to get another one?

-6 votes     reply to comment
Necrod Jul 18 2009, 5:37pm replied:

very stupid question...

+5 votes     reply to comment
Druza Jul 18 2009, 6:16pm replied:

"Guaranteed after I release this VFAQ people will still ask stupid questions."

Ta da!

+6 votes     reply to comment
Necrod Jul 18 2009, 6:34pm replied:

ya xD

-2 votes     reply to comment
Dec1234 Author
Dec1234 Jul 18 2009, 6:45pm replied:


I don't even find that funny.

"1995duncan1995" please Ma'am learn to read and develop some form of a brain. Its amazing you found you way to this website, or even got onto your web browser.

+6 votes   reply to comment
Stanislav_SoDL Jul 18 2009, 5:35pm says:

Thanks for information, Its very usefull :)

+4 votes     reply to comment
Dec1234 Author
Dec1234 Jul 18 2009, 6:45pm replied:

No probs mate! :D

+1 vote   reply to comment
Necrod Jul 18 2009, 5:35pm says:

uh you really spent lot of time thinking of all those questions and answers, and writing it down :)

btw why are you using 2005 version of visual studio?

+1 vote     reply to comment
Dec1234 Author
Dec1234 Jul 18 2009, 6:47pm replied:

A lot of time? Took me like 30mins while i had my friend Ryan here haha.

And i use it because ive had it for a long time and find no reason to upgrade.

+1 vote   reply to comment
Necrod Jul 18 2009, 9:49pm replied:

ryan i suppose one of the beta testers :D

+1 vote     reply to comment
Dec1234 Author
Dec1234 Jul 19 2009, 8:09am replied:

Moddb user "Gadjilitron". Yeah.

+1 vote   reply to comment
hate4uall Jul 18 2009, 5:36pm says:

my eyes hurt but now i know thanks dec

+1 vote     reply to comment
Dec1234 Author
Dec1234 Jul 18 2009, 6:48pm replied:

Why? Can you not read?

You could have just copied into a document and changed the colours or settings to adjust it to your eyes.

+1 vote   reply to comment
Necrod Jul 18 2009, 10:36pm replied:


-4 votes     reply to comment
Dec1234 Author
Dec1234 Jul 19 2009, 8:10am replied:


+3 votes   reply to comment
Juffe Jul 18 2009, 5:44pm says:

Awesome can't wait ! :D

+1 vote     reply to comment
Dec1234 Author
Dec1234 Jul 18 2009, 6:48pm replied:

Great! :D

+1 vote   reply to comment
Dunkelschwamm Jul 18 2009, 5:45pm says:

"This has been debated to the core and i have decided this: WHO CARES?. This mod is NOT about realism its about fun, thousands of games dont make sense with the realism facter, i wanted to limit the weapons holable but its just no fun. So please deal with it."

My philosophy exactly. Games can get their heads up their own ***** sometimes trying to be realistic, and in the end it causes them to forget that games are meant to be fun.

Also, I would totally donate, but I haven't enough money right now (and likely won't for years). I never thought that donate features were a very good idea in a noncommercial game, because even people who want to contribute sometimes can't, and they get left in the dust.

Also, I have to say, you have one of the best PR setup of any mod I've waited for. You keep people up-to-date with new content all the time, you answer almost every question people ask, and you reply to almost every comment somebody posts.

This is definitely my type of game. Brimming with content, full of instantly gratifying zombie slaughter, modability, a singleplayer storyline (something most mods these days lack), achievements, and multiple gamemodes for having fun with friends.

Seriously, thank you Dec. Thank you for this mod (in advanced :P)

+3 votes     reply to comment
Dec1234 Author
Dec1234 Jul 18 2009, 6:49pm replied:

Haha man you have got my whole plan down to the smallest detail, so thank you!

And im not going to be forcing people to donate, i would just reward those who may decide they wish to donate. Its still only an idea i don't know if i will go through with it.

+2 votes   reply to comment
benbellis Jul 19 2009, 9:30am replied:

do it! i can feel the money already exiting my paypal account...

+1 vote     reply to comment
Dec1234 Author
Dec1234 Jul 19 2009, 4:36pm replied:

:O wow awesome!

+1 vote   reply to comment
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