The Less Generic NPC project, or LGNPC for short is a mod that aims to replace all the repetitive Morrowind dialogue with more interesting and engaging conversations. We want each NPC in every town, village, or camp to have his or her own personality and back story. We have decided to approach this mod town by town, and release each one when it is finished. We hope to ultimately replace the dialogue for every NPC on Vvardenfell, and so far we have completed 8 towns and a big city. The big city we are talking about is Ald'ruhn, the main headquarters of House Redoran. It is actually the largest single mod we will release, since we are going to do Vivec one canton at a time. This plugin is the biggest Morrowind dialogue mod ever released, containing over 3000 responses for 250 topics, and is equivalent to more than 500 MSWord pages. Moreover, it has 30 quests for you to enjoy. We have aimed to preserve the Morrowind feel...

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Vivec Foreign Quarter v. 0.5 Released!

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After many months of silence, with the stealth of a master thief, the Less Generic NPC Team surprises you with another installment of the long (and hopefully...

LGNPC Tel Mora Released!

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Although it took much more time than originally expected, the mod is here for all of you to download. As always, the mod gives every NPC unique dialogue...

LGNPC Hla Oad v 1.2 Released

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Today, a new version of the LGNPC mod for the quiet coastal village of Hla Oad has been released. In this release, we have performed a major spelling...

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