4 Episodes, 24 levels, New Art, New Music, New Sound Effects, New .CON Files, Plutonium Pak Required.

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4 Episodes, 24 levels, New Art, New Music, New Sound Effects, New .CON Files, Plutonium Pak Required.

Title : The Gate (Four Episodes)
Filename : GATE.ZIP - Version 1.0
Author : BDP - See Team Members & Titles at bottom.
E-mail : Brad Wernicke - bjw@elitegames.com
E-Mail : Paul Jury - artworks@epix.net
Web Page : Elitegames.com
Modified for JFDuke3d by ProAsm - December 2005
The aliens home world, Antirra was dying. Their species was coming to
end due in part to the feudal nature of the race but mostly due to
the depletion of new blood to their GENEPOOL. The Antirran technology
at that time was where we will be in another 80-90 years...nearly
immortal in a decadent society of high tech slavery. A few of the
more farsighted elders decided to find a solution. Genetically
altered Antirran chromosome would be artificially produced and place
in a panspermical state. That is, sent to the far reaches of space
to be followed by a craft carrying one, dormant, Antirran, female.
With the onboard biocomputer ticking away the altered genes began a
"dance of life". By the time a suitable system was found the soup was
ready. Both craft landed on the planet that was chosen for it's
stability, resources, and a very good chance of supporting the life
that would soon follow.
The Antirran began the artificial insemination process and after the
typical 9 month gestation period a new Antirran was born. With
remarkable differences to the mother! The basic structure was the
same, however, this child was hairless and scaleless save for the tuft
of fuzz at the top of his head. The Antirran host mother's orders were
specific and so the process was repeated until a fair sized civilization
was created from several totally differing offspring but from the same
mother. This took place on nearly 200 worlds and on each of those worlds
the race flourished.
Meanwhile, back on Antirra, much had changed. An alternate approach
had been taken to ensure the races longevity. The male of the species
were placed in time stasis chambers where they would oversee the longer
lived females and their new ability to lay eggs! As the eggs were
hatched, the male offspring would begin a "linking of minds" with the
immortal, male, elders while the female offspring were destined to
follow in their "mother's" footsteps. This continued for a century
and a half, but the original problem began to show its nasty head.
There was but one thing left to do. Find the 200 worlds where the
"children of Antirra" had been placed and "reclaim" them. Nearly all
of Antirra was dead when the Overlords, for that is what the immortal
males now called themselves, received word of first contact with the
new race of Antirrans. The path was chosen and the children of Antirra
were returned to their home world....in chains! The men were placed in
work camps to labor until they were old enough to be consumed by the
Elder Antirrans; devoured by fangs and ripped asunder by claws. The
females were placed into two categories. One was a breeder for the
hatchlings by a strange process of osmosis. Egg cases were brimmed with
new Antirran hatchlings; quite similar to their Elder Antirran
guardians. The only new "humans" that were produced were done so in
a stockyard environment. Thus only to ensure a constant new supply of
life to the GENEPOOL. The second role of the stronger female "human"
was to be a receiver/sender for the Overlords. In this position, the
female would live forever as well but at a cost. They would be
constantly using their telepathic ability to touch Elder Antirran
minds at great distances. Over centuries, this power grew to Galactic
proportions. Soon the farthest planet from Antirra was located and to
the Overlord's surprise was inhabited by a race of new Antirrans! A
planet was missed in the search, it must be reclaimed!
Lightships were sent to the world in question. Upon arrival the Elder
Antirrans were stunned to see monuments erected in their likeness.
They were welcomed as GODS. Mars was a beautiful place and was named
after the "children's" mother. Her visage can still be seen in the
sands of Mars today.....
Duke has defeated the alien invasion force...that's GOOD! What Duke
doesn't know is that the force he defeated was the first wave and
that the real armada is forming around the alien home world at this
very moment.........that's BAD!
Episode one will deal with the remnants of the alien war machine that
has retreated to extremely remote parts of the Earth. From steaming,
jungle fortresses to cold, Antarctic, weigh stations; the aliens are
still present. Not only are they still inhabiting small pockets of
our globe, but they are working on a device to access their home world
The device is a stargate known as the Tanheuser Gate, named after Dr.
Fredrick Tanheuser who was an alien captive until he was inadvertently
killed in an Earth Defense Force raid. His plans and calculations
remained intact, however and with the aliens advanced technology in
power conversion, it appears that they intend to complete the work
that Tanheuser had begun. At the end of episode one, Duke finds the
last of the aliens "earthbound" installations and what could very
well be the link and access to the "gate" itself.
Episode two begins with Duke entering a smaller "daughter" gate which
brings him out into a "time sphere" where aliens have placed a foreward
observation post as well as an uplink transmitter to the Mars orbiting
stargate facility. This facility houses the Tanheuser Gate, but can only
be accessed via five of Mars' surface installations that have existed
since the dawn of man! Thus begins a serious twist to the plot. Duke
must not only focus on the alien invasion force, but he must face the
fact that aliens had created the human race long ago in the bowels of
their first, dark, colony ships. Now Duke is really pissed and wants
more than ever to destroy this species of alien. It appears that the
men were created as a labor force and food supply while the females of
our species were created to host the larvae of the alien brood as well
as serving as channelers for the Hive's psychic energy. The more
females, the more the transmission radius of the Overlord Council.
This was the downfall of the first assault on Earth. There were too
many breeders and not enough channelers. Definitely NOT a pretty
So, from the ancient architectural wonders of a subterranean Mars, Duke
finds his way to the Mars Orbiting Facility, home of the alien
constructed Tanheuser Gate. He arrives there only to find that he is too
late and that the only way to thwart the alien armada is to go to their
home world and pay a visit. He steps through the gate and onto......
Episode three the alien home world! Duke must find the central
"think-tank" for the alien race. By destroying this council of
Overlords, all transmitted data from the Overlord Hive will terminate
and the entire invading armada will be depleted of energy, action, and
thought. What's left of the E.D.F could then come in and mop up.
* Play Information *
Episode and Level # : Episodes one though Four Replaced (24 total levels)
Single Player : Yes
DukeMatch 2-8 Player : Yes but not intended
Cooperative 2-8 Player : Yes but not fully implemented
Difficulty Settings : Not implemented
Plutonium Pak Required : Yes
New Art : Yes
New Music : Yes
New Sound Effects : Yes
New .CON Files : Yes
Demos Replaced : Yes
* Construction *
Base : New levels from scratch
Level Editor(s) Used : BUILD
Art Editor(s) Used : Editart, Corel 7.0
Construction Time : Six Months
Known Bugs : None known, but let us know if you find any.
*Important Information*
Installation : See the installation instructions that came with the
To play the Gate: Change to your Duke Nukem 3D Directory where The Gate
is installed, and type Thegate [press return].
The Gate will not execute if any tilesets exist in your Duke directory,
and we strongly recommend that you install this in a copy of your Duke
directory that is dedicated to this addon.
*Episode/Level Summary*
To read the information on the individual maps (who made them, what they are about) read the readme included in this download...

Special Thanks
Our thanks goes out to the folks at Adrenaline Vault for hosting the
web & ftp space for the duration of our project. They are the #1 gaming
site on the web. Be sure to check them out at Avault.com.
Elite Games - an Adrenaline Vault Website. Elite Games runs one of the
most popular 3D Game sites on the web. They host sites for games such
as Duke Nukem 3D, Shadow Warrior, Blood, and many others. Be sure to
check them out at Elitegames.com.
Team Members & Titles
Denise Krolczyk, Head SFX Engineer Music Consultant
Matthew Harris, Level Designer
Brady Cox, Level Designer
Simon Castles, Music Composer
Ryan Isenberg , Level Designer
Aaron Barber, Level Designer
Jeff Heath, Head of the Art Department / Level Designer
Brad Wernicke, Assistant Coordinator, Webmaster
Crista Forest, Level Designer
Jenna Ramsey, Music Composer
Joris B. Weimar, CON/Utility Programmer
Jonathan Cacy, Level Designer
Neil Munday, Level Designer
Brady Cox, Level Designer
Shane Paluski, Co-head con dept / level designer
Paul William Jury, Level Designer/Coordinator
Cho-Yan Wong, Level Designer
Ty Matthews, Level Designer
Nick Parde, Level Designer
Jim Semkiw, Level Designer
Demian Holmberg, Level Designer
Preston Packard, Level Designer

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The Gate
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