Losing his parents during the holocaust to a mad man of a doctor. You're to play as Grobuskna Vladinov, 20 years after the incident that changed his life dramatically. Grobuskna receives an unknown phone call that'll start a journey that'll twist your mind...

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The forgotten ones was a horrible mod. It was very bland, empty and boring. The size of the mod was 2GB with 90% of them was unused models and textures. The length was a mere 30 minutes game play at most. The only positives I can say would be the ideas implemented into it.

The game play was a basic run and shoot broken up by badly made cut scenes and voice acting. Whenever you pressed the use button on something that wasn't interactive you would say annoying lines and if it was you'd say "hell yeah". View bobbing proved to be annoying as it shook the screen as if you were on a pivot. However bad the maps did look they were very interesting to search around excluding the "scary moments".

The visuals weren't anything new. The maps were bare and repetitive. They were in no way realistic as the heights and dimensions were way off. When a horror moment appeared the screens colour would turn green and orange; annoying and in no way "scary". Although the maps didn't seem to have any errors

Overall, this is a very boring mod. It could be used as a test but nothing more. I rate this a 2/10 and recommend you avoid playing unless very VERY drunk.

My advice for the creator-
-Stop being so lazy and take your time.
-Learn more about the source engine
-Playtest HEAVILY and practice on a single map.
-Make it more of a survival mod with less ammo since it's too easy.
-You could combine all the maps into one with good optimisation as it would be easier and less distracting from the atmosphere because the loading ruins it.
-Remove the bobbing, I cannot stress this enough!
-The maps seem very repetitive, try adding different props

I understand this is a Beta and understand it can be improved heavily.
Also, sorry for the harsh review D:

I've been looking forward to this mod because it looked interesting. Yesterday I was happy to see it released, so I spent about 2 hours downloading it.

The first thing I found out was the fact that the game always resets my controls settings which is bloody annoying. After many tries I finally managed to force my own settings by editing the config file.

The next thing I noticed was the horrible voiceacting with strong fake Russian accents. As such I'd be expecting Russians to be listening to Russian songs rather than German songs. That's just a detail though.

The design of maps sometimes seems quite strange for some reason. For example, the city at the beginning looks very unnatural. The second map is much better.

Now that I mentioned the second map, I can describe my experience. Driving is quite fun, I admit. But the fact that the game already crashed at those public toilets was annoying. Thankfully, it wasn't so far from the beginning.
So I started again and avoided the toilets, just in case. I reached a small house with some items and a savebook inside.
I saved my game in case the game crashed again. And it did, because I changed my video settings to lower AA since the mod suffers from bad FPS.
I launched the game again just to find out my saves were gone. I thought it was actually the crash that had caused it, so I got to that point and saved again.

I restarted the game to make sure it worked. It did not. The saves simply aren't there.
That makes me assume that I've got to beat the mod in one sitting, which is in no way appealing to me.

EDIT: Settings, saves and the bathroom crash seem to be fixed. The fix came out quite fast too, which confirms that the author really tries to make it all nice and smooth. Carry on like this and your mod could be a gem one day.

Hi predator, i appreciate the time you took in this mod, and all the new textures and such, but their are still big problems.

1. No directions whatsoever- I literally walked for 45 min. not knowing where to go.

2. voice acting- voices are tough to understand,so subtitles are always enabled for me :(

3. Ai trouble- So many Ai spawn on the streets, it gets laggy and they all cluster together, looking awkward.

once again,i think this mod is fine, it just has some things that need to be sorted out;)

sorry it was not too long there was only no joke 5 fast zombies and 4 normal zombies not too much for a zombie game the voice acting could be better. and the fact that this is a Nazi well you could work on that it took 30 minutes to beat. sorry for if it is too harsh but the next one V2 LOOKS SO MUCH BETTER

It's a pretty okay mod, but I just don't find it to be anything new when it comes to jumpscares and gameplay. I'm not saying it's bad or anything, but it's just not the best. But it's waaaaaayyy better then Half-Life 2: Substance because at this point, any mod is better then Half-Life 2: Substance...

The "Game" feels like it is only worked for out of boredom instead of any interest at all.

The enemies are incredibly boring and just plain idiotic. I am confused about them, I just don't understand if they were meant to be creepy, ridiculous or both.

The story makes absolutely no sense. Are you a "jew" who's going out into a creepy area, creepy mansion for revenge? And who are those 'non-nazi' people?

The fact that the Easter Eggs are not original is also what really disappoints me. Most of them are just "PewDiePie" references apparently.

I'd recommend everybody to stay away from it, unless you get paid to play it, really are that bored or you just love to "make fun" of "bad games"

Pew die Bait n Switch
Stolen assets and with weak weapons and hard to kill enemies makes whatever this game was trying to do moot
Go play Afraid of Monsters, Cry of Fear, Underhell, Nightmare House 2 ANYTHING but this.

(They used the gulit ragdoll from underhell as a enemy in this game

It's a pretty ok mod, but I just don't find it to be anything new when it comes to scares and gameplay. Not saying it's bad, but it's not the best, but it's better then Half-Life 2 Substance because any mod is better then Half-Life 2 Substance.

Real good mod,you have dialogue choices,good story,good gameplay,scary jumpscares,spooky enviroments,good sounds,good songs,nice maps,cool weapons,awesome easter eggs,in the end is a pretty good game in my opinion

I played the Steam version of this mod, and I hate to say it, but I had a really bad time while playing it.

It feels like the entirety of the game was rushed and that it needs much more playtesting than it got before release.

From extremely-fast, bobble-head zombies, to near moon logic puzzles, to enemies that will kill you from full health within one second (this is no exaggeration and this is almost every enemy in the game), this game seems to do so much wrong that it's hard to pinpoint what went right in the whole thing.

It tries very hard to be similar to the original Resident Evil, giving the player a limited inventory, limited save spots, even a very similar looking mansion to explore near the end of the game. However, when weapons are so ineffective as in this game and zombies can kill you in less than a second, I found myself pretty much using every exploit in Source just to survive. And still, this game will kill you by unpredictably spawning enemies from the middle of nowhere.

The voice acting is not particularly great here, but I can let that pass as the highlight of this game was the bad acting (everyone talks to each other in English with "ze German Accent"), though it was probably also unintentional. I feel like this could have been more tongue-in-cheek with the dialogue and I would have had more fun with the cutscenes.

The mechanics are the real killer here, though, with weapons that are extremely weak, to certain tabs not pausing the game even though they completely cover the screen, to binding keys in ways that aren't familiar (I died so many times trying to use the health kit because I would accidentally hit tab and couldn't get out of the menu in time.)

In the end, I had to give up, just before defeating the big bad Nazi boss, and the walkthrough I ended up using even acknowledged that getting past him boiled down to pure luck, hiding behind a wall, and just hoping to get a headshot with one of the rifles.

I feel bad and I wish this thing had more feedback before release, but it's at version 2.4.0 now and it still feels unplayable.

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