Development of the cs is continued. Iam currently studying at university, so idk when i will finish it.

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KrustiClawn says

5 agree - 1 disagree

The developer has not only unprovoked left a 1/10 troll review for one of my mods, but also sent me private messages, calling me a "******* retard" and urging me to change my review to 1/10. I have also seen the developer be disrespectful in the comment section, such as "I'll conduct myself as I see fit, and if I don't like some person, I will f**k his mom and all his family."

This behaviour to me is unacceptable, and I can tell you I'm not going to change my review to a 1/10 just because you are being rude, because I'm not that immature.

However, I will not recommand a mod from someone that acts this way. You have no respect for other users, and I urge people not to give this mod attention, because it doesn't deserve it. I sincerely hope you mature if you're going to make any more mods in the future.


- Creative level design
- Pretty creepy sometimes


- Bug after bug after bug
- Missing item names
- Mementos never goes away
- Underdeveloped story
- Most confusing puzzles I have ever seen

Level design: 8/10

The hotel and storage map looked amazing with its creativity and overall design. The creativity goes down once you use the elevator. There the levels are way more basic than the previous levels. It's still above average though.

Story: 3/10

Very poor grammar, no character development whatsoever, and a story that is cliché and poorly explaining made this mod not that fun to play for me. People are abducted and some ritual made. For what reason though? Who are the characters I read notes about? Pretty much nothing is ever explained, at all.

Puzzles: 2/10

This is a leasson you need to learn, and quick. Just because it's easy for you, the creator of the mod, doesn't mean it will be easy for the rest of us. Trust me, I know this very well. I used to not give enough hints in my own mods to, and people got confused.

Here, hints are rare and often time, puzzles were solved by random chance. I would often run around, confused with no idea what to do.

Example: Machineroom key would not work on any door. Suitor spawned. I died by it. After that I found some random lever. Pulled it without having a clue what it did. Then suddenly, the key worked on a door I couldn't use it on before.

Then I ran around to room after room with no hints whatsoever. After running around for a solid 10 or so minutes, a random event was triggered in one of the previous areas.

Take this from someone that used to do the same mistake as a new modder, you NEED hints, way more of them. I broke a new record when it comes to being stuck in a mod while playing this.

Music and Atmosphere: 9/10

Often heard random creepy sounds playing, music was mostly good and atmopshere was often creepy. Well done on that part.

Creativity: 7/10

Lack of creativity with the story, but other than that, you did pretty well here to. Several new things and ideas used as well.

Bugs & other flaws: 2/10

Where do I even start?

In the attic, I could stack boxes on top of each other at several areas and reach locations I wasn't supposed to be at. At one point I fell out of the map to.

In the mines where I had to put a barrel to blow away wood, I tried crawling past them instead and got stuck between the beams ^^.

Sometimes, character would not be able to jump or run fast for long period of times without any explainations, often when I had to jump over obstacles, forcing me to wait for it to work again.

Infected's flashlight shines through walls.

Sometimes the respawn seems very odd. Sometimes it works fine, sometimes after respawning I can't run or jump (like previously mentioned) and at one point after respawning, a key I picked up earlier was gone from my inventory and was back at its original position ^^.

Items don't have any names or descriptions.

Mementos never goes away.

Monsters (mostly the infected) got stuck pretty often.


In my opinion, this mod has great level design and great atmosphere. If bug fixed and more development with the story, this mod can easily be 8-9/10 good, but as long as the developer acts this way, I'm not going to recommand it, no matter how good it is.

5/10 - Average


prenz says

May contain spoilers

Sincerely at the beginning I was not enjoyed, after some time the game was funny, but in the middle to the end, the game was frustrating, due to the bugs.

In the storage, something went wrong. The key I found does not open any door, and was stuck, so I had to cheat the game to overcome the impasse.
Same thing in the mines, the infected guys chase me all the times. After I reloaded the game, the levers that open the gate for the sewer does not work anymore, so I had to reload again a previous saved game, before I enter the mines, and again the key does not open the door on the right.
The slowness of the character is inexplicable, unjustified and very frustrating: I had to cheat also this.
The ambience is very dark and the oil it's not enough: I had to cheat again :(
About the map with the wooden walls (part one and two, where there are the two monsters) is a non sense to me, good for the gameplay but useless.

The game had to be tested by more people and differently, looking for errors, not just playing, knowing what to do.

Some great scary moment.
Creativity and good knowledge.
Decent mapping, I've not found any glitches relatively at this.

Severe random bugs that affect the game.
No puzzles.
It should not be necessary to cheat due to the bugs that affect this game.

finished to play this game.
Must really be improved and bug fixed.
Deserve a high rating if fixed.
For this release I cannot rate this over 6.


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