The year is 1856. My name is Anthony Belham, and I am a homicide detective in Scotland Yard. I've been sent to investigate mysterious disappearance of Andrew Brewer in Brewer manor. Deep in heartland of England. Nothing could prepare me for what I was about to experience...

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StevenTasiopulos says

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Wasn't good.


Not so much.

|Level Design|:
Good but generic and boring.

No bugs.Good job.

|Scary Aspect|:
Wasn't scary.Didn't even had a real monster encounter,just spoofs.

Didn't get bored,(mostly because it was short)but still.


|Voice Acting|:

Short.Really bad overall.

Should have been longer I guess. But no problems nor bugs. A bit good gameplay, but nothing big.

I really liked this custom story. I do wish it had been longer and maybe a few more scares. Overall I enjoyed this one.

too short, not scary at all.

to short and very easy with no scares

Insanly short no real monsters you see it you run out and back in doesn't even come after you and I'm sure that real houses are ALOT bigger this is just like 3 rooms so basically you go into a house take about 1 minute to get enough keys to see a dead guy in a mask yay you win


- Interesting small story.
- Nice level design from what I've seen now.


- Short, could be longer (but still good).


- Nice, but could be longer.

It was fun :D


IrickVonDees592 says

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This was an alright mod. I think that the lighting couldve been a tad better along with a couple more scares thrown in. The few I ran into were great! I didnt realize they were just hallucinations and kept freaking out about not knowing where they went. Keep it up and Ill bet your next one will be even better!


Garendor says

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This mod is pretty good, but the fact that alot of the enemies are fake doesn't really benefit it. Also, the ending was really unsatisfying, and I'd like to know what would happen next. Also there quite few mispellings like capitalization.

The overall storytelling was actually pretty good and level design was pretty darn good with cool lighting.
Overall, this is a flawed custom story that still, provides many good scares.

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