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usernumber999 Jun 24 2013 says:

Why do you continue playing amnesia when all the stories sucks to you? 58% 1 in score? Go play something else you actually enjoy and stop being an ******* is my suggestion to you

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KrustiClawn Jan 9 2013 says:

Thx for the review...

"the map is very standard and short it doesn't feel like a house like for example the room with the staircase nobody has a room that wide its just one of them maps that after 3 days your gonna forget about"

Nobody has a room that wide? What are you even talking about? -.-

And it's not a map, it's a story. Sorry for the shortness, but beilive me or not, that lenght is actully pretty decent for stories nowdays. Also, sorry if that story isn't like White Night. Not every story can be special.

And about the water monster, I like the fact that you are the first one to complain about the water monster part. YES you have to carry the lever at that part. That's the CHALLANGE. Half of the people I have seen playing this story actully managed to, thx to the crates, run away from the water monster, with the lever within 10 seconds without getting hurt. OR going back to the room where you found the lever, give the monster some meat (dead body parts) and you have around 10-15 seconds to get away from there wich is more than enough.

In conclusion: Lame reasons to give a story 3/10. The first part of your review is not even a valid reason... and the second part, lol, you faild at the monster part. Big deal. Do you lower a story 5 points everytime you fail to survive?

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Opnamehere Jan 10 2013 replied:

You should check what review he gave to my mod. ''On released page when it's not released.'' - Because it was waiting for authorization.

I'd really appreciate if he'd give my mod another change and actually play it, then rate it fairly. I spent 7 months working on the mod.

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KrustiClawn Mar 13 2013 replied:

To be honest, I'm not really sure why he continues to play Amnesia. It seems like he hate every single story he plays. One story was worth a 7/10. The rest 5/10 or under. Not a single story he rated over 5, and a majority are 1/10 Maybe it's time to buy a new game he actually enjoy playing

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KrustiClawn Jan 11 2013 replied:

I dont mind getting low reviews if the reviewer have good reasons to rate it so low. Some critics at this site have helped me alot to improve my stories, while some others just rate it bad becasue they died somewhere in the story and got mad becasue of that.

7 months is a long time. 1 month or 7 months, it's still a pain in the *** to recive hate reviews. Some people should simply keep their opinions for themselfes

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