Find out the horros that lie within the cupboard of doom, and the truth behind it.

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TheUnbeholden says

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This is essentially based on someones nightmare, as such, it’s not supposed to make sense, atleast not at first glance. To someone it may have deeper meaning, if they search for it.
Because we aren’t that person all we can do is speculate. It was very short and weird. I’ve never been attacked by what looks like lumbs of potatoes/****/deformed blobs of cancer… and what looks like falling into a meat crushing device.
It’s way to short and doesn’t have enough information to be anything more than a one shot horror mod.


Weperlol says

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Reminds me of narnia except the cupboard is filled with ****.


poshgaloo says

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Narnia anyone? Anyway, this had to be the most clunkiest mod iv'e ever played. Mapping was probably the worst iv'e seen so far. Even worst than mapping in blood bath. It's also short. I think even shorter than malevolence. That's not saying much though. Overall, the only credit i give this mod is well, it seems like someone made this from a dream they experienced. :/


flippedoutkyrii says

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It's interesting, but it's unbelievably short. You'll spend more time downloading and installing it then playing it :/


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