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KrustiClawn says

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An incredible good story with unique scares, unique events and really nice level design!


- Really good level design
- Multiple paths (not extremly linear)
- You can leave the mansion and end the story when ever you want to
- The "blue portal" is incredible well made, unique and awesome
- Decent story
- Awesome scares! (You made an elite Amnesia player scared as hell, great job!)


- A little lack of story
- Pretty few monster encounters and half of them hallucinations
- A few, few texture glitches (staircase carpet and the first portal event)
- Some parts require some skills while some parts were extremly simple, like the machine room
- Very easy to escape the mansion. I never even made it into the laboratory because I escaped with the elevator


I have played over 60 mods and this story scares the **** out of me! Unique scares, really well made levels and a decent story is making this mod into one of the most intresting one I've played for awhile. Almost perfect, but I do expect a bit more to rate it max. But it's close to a 10. Great job! :)


Frostedge says

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Impressive work, very detailed. Has a lot of different types of scares. Overall ambience is very well done.

The Good:
- Level design was impressive, the mansion parts were well done, as was the cellar.
- A very wide range of scares, from the best of jumpscares to the most creepy of ambience noises.
- Good use of the assets provided by the HPL Editor. I personally really liked the Library event with the portal. Very innovative and well implemented.

The Bad:
- The story is extremely flimsy, if it's even there at all at times.
- Whilst looking at Loki's Portal from the window, the building looked very bland. It's a shame, seeing as how well decorated everything else is.
- The part where you get taken to the Prison was extremely predictable, the scriptedness of the event more or less murdered my immersion.

And The Buggy:
- In the Prison, there is one of the low dungeon windows that you can view the jail cells from. If the player were to crouch in there for a better look, the ground plane extends too far into the window, trapping the player and forcing him/her to restart.
- Aside from a very few minor texture glitches, I have nothing else to mention.

The Verdict:
Very well done, nicely decorated, with a well designed castle and impressive scares and well used assets. Though the story is the only thing this Custom Story is lacking. Which is too bad, because if that had been good as well, this CS would have been a straight ten.

This was a really well thought out Custom Story with a decent plot and a strong atmosphere.
I loved the use of the portals and the section in the library, i haven't seen anything like it!
I'm also hoping you continue the story and have someone return to the mansion and see what happens!
9/10 for ingenuity.

I did expect that i played 45 minutes of this!
Well what i can say, level design are awesome and scares too..

Too bad very easy puzzle and i dont know what i can shall do from staircase.. Well seems that is really good :D


Skelatilian04 says

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A really well done custom story that really had me on the edge.
More than half the time, there were no monster encounters, however I thought there would be and that made me very scared and the fact that you did not just throw monsters my way was very nice.
There were very little monster encounters, and the ones that were there were relatively easy to avoid, if you knew what you were doing-I didn't know what I was doing half the time.
The blue portal thing was very interesting and the premise of the story was pretty well done.
There wasn't really a "story" here, which I would have liked.
The level design was good, though it wasn't really outstanding.

That's it for me.

Not entirely perfect but VERY unique and well made

This custom story its interesting, the concept its good. The back plot is good, but...somewhere after you escape from the cellar, the initial concept and plot disappeard. Yep, alone in the castle, you are free to explore and find some scares. I don't know why the developer drop the idea along the way. But the ending after roaming around all posible ways in the tower, its one of the most anticlimatic that i had seen around.
Its a shame, but sadly true.
The maps are good, and the scripted scenes are awesome. I liked the idea of secret rooms almost everywhere, so it was fun exploring and find goodies. But nothing beyond that.
Again, its a shame, because this mod have an amazing start, a promising and deep storyline...that disappeard abruptly.
I can tell about this mod that its an excercise of exploring and map designing

Heavy focus on gameplay as well as balancing it with a good and original story that was very refreshing. The levels were nice, and the story flowed nicely, i did not get stuck once and there was a great atmosphere and even though there were not really any major scares there were many subtle events that helped create a sense of good atmosphere and the ending left good room for the second part. A gem in amnesia and a very impressive mod

Really awesome custom story. It could have had a little more story to it.
Unique scares and I really enjoyed playing it.

Flawless custom story with good storyline, well-done level design and amazing scares. That's all i've got to say, I had to play something like this.

10/10 Flawless

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