This is a big side mod for the original maps in Star Wars Battlefront 2. Everything has been changed (every single stat from Wookies to V-wings). This will make Battlefront more accurate to Star Wars, more challenging, more complex, more battle-packed and more of what it should of been in general. I try to explore every possibility with side modding in SWBF2. Battlefront Project includes my redone side layout that includes hundreds of new models, re-vamped weapons interface, improved AI and improved Jedi/Sith light saber combos.

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First I want to go ahead and state that this is a pretty well done Era Mod. Now the first time downloading and trying this you will notice additional sides for all defualt SWBF2 maps.

-New first person persepectives for the tuan tuan on hoth and speeder bikes. This makes for an exciting first person view, something I think is new and a great addition for those vehicles.
-you get extra classes for both the clone wars era and Galatic civil war era. What I like about these classes is that they weren't lazy reskins of characters, each has differnt stats and weapons unique to that class.
-Droids dont use bacta for health, instead most droid classes and some technician clases have fusion cutter/repair kits that heal them. That makes sense since for the droids and not only that, the fusion cutters can be used as close range weapons that cuase damge to vehicles and enemie units.Very creative on the team's part.
-All space maps have new stats/weapons on the star fighters. Every star fighter has a different feel to it, even the AT-TA Gunship has some pretty unique features. I literally feel like wanting to fly each ship to see how they feel/operate. For the GCW side I didnt see any transport ships, however they are replaced with the rebel v-wing and imperial tie defender. both have unique stats that make them feel pretty legit to the movies/other games.
-No crashing so far.

some downsides
-Little things like character model cloting glitching/folding inward a tiny bit for the duros mercinary.
-misplaced sound files for a few commands.
-droideka being nerfed super slow .
-Some droid classes need to not look so plain. Coloration for technicians/assualt/sniper classes is highly suggested.
-chargable semi automatic weapons are a nice touch, however the stun beam needs to be centered/lowered more. The effect doesnt look like it hits my target correctly.

My verdict, This is good. I would give this a perfect score however I would like to see fixes through a patch.

I have downloaded a lof of mods for battlefront and i have been playing for a long time, and i need to say, this is the best mod that i found. First of all is the first person view for vehicles are amazing, second of all is that in campaign you can be just a simple soldier and your allies can do things like capturing the flag or taking control of a enemy CP, and theres a lof more to talk about but i want this to be a little short, 10/10

A pretty good mod that seems to achieve its goal of capturing the Star Wars universe.

My only complaint is that it will occasionally crash, particularly if you're a client in a multiplayer game. This is further complicated by the fact that the lack of a response from GameSpy's now-defunct servers forces the game to waste minutes before letting you rejoin the game.

a huge mod, needs an important support so everyone can enjoy it and have fun with it and don't let this impressive mod get lost.

I like this mod over BFX. I also like to overlook the numerous weapon bugs and award bugs that cause the game to crash. I especially enjoyed the Geonosis map. Superb work on that. On some of the stock maps as BFP, however, there is severe lag in certain areas. This "beta" is worth a download and I look forward to the next release.

This is a mod that turns Battlefront II into a much more realistic game. Weapons with different shooting modes and new soldier clases such as the field medic make this an excelent mod.

great addition to my mod collection, very few crashes on my pc,



jgavi15 says

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This is a wonderfull mod. The texures, models, and skins are very well made. It adds a crazy amount of extra classes like melee units and amped up command units (my favorite being the Republic commandos with working shields!) The added realism also is a major plus. Some of the sounds are a bit messed up and the gameplay can be a bit unforgiving due to the added difficulty and weapon damage but its a fun challange because it forces you to work for the more powerfull classes. I did run into crashing issues with the new Geonosis map the mod provides. This map is humongous and bit too big for its own good.
Its hard to find your enemies and vice versa. But if you want a really big derp-around map its very fun.

This is a very nice era mod, I appreciate the work that has gone into it and the models, weapons, textures and everything are fantastic, my only problem is the gameplay doesn't float my boat personally, others may like it but I'm mot it's biggest fan, this mod gets an 8/10 for outstanding visuals, but does not get a 10 due to the gameplay.

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