(DO NOT VIEW ON DESURA. USE MODDB) The Attic is an Amnesia custom story.

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Its great and keeps me on the edge of my seat whenever I play

I was really enjoying this CS in the beggining. Even with the maps with few details, i was paying attention to the history and reading every memo i found. But then it become another non-sense history with no immersion. Anyway, i kept playing it, when a naked guy flied over me. After this, it became a jumpscare game, with monsters breaking doors everywhere. I really thought i was going to enjoy this CS because of the beggining, but it looks like you just throw away your ideas and started making a jumpscare CS.


Part 1 was good but the rest of the story started to make zero sense.

Whoa, amazing!!! Really!
It is freakinĀ“ scary too! In part two, I just looooved the secret room. xD It was so funny! 10/10 for me ;)

A masterpiece!


Well it's not really scary, but entertaining. Has jumpscares, some of them are quite good. I didn't like the ending too much and some levels didn't have any music on them.


The story was interesting at first but later it became confusing. The whole journey over there and back again didn't make sense. On the good sides the variety of places were rather enjoyable and well designed. So it's a well deserved 8.

Probably the third best one I've played after La Caza and Abduction (I've played about twelve). A lot of fun.

A lot of the levels are really well-designed, especially the house and the town. I liked the emphasis on scares - I was on the edge of my seat throughout much of the game. The portrait in Derrick's bedroom is a nice touch too. Many of the atmospheres are really effective and evocative too, like the fog and the rain in the forrest. The voice acting of Derrick's mother was excellent (bad voice acting is a problem in other mods). I thought the ending (very mild SPOILER) was neat too in that it kept things scary and creepy yet also satisfying and thought-provoking.

The biggest problem was that the story, though interesting at first, isn't strong enough to pull through the long duration of the mod. After a while you're running around through sewers, a basement, a bunch of collapsed columns, and a castle and it's hard to even remember why. Also a little too much oil and too many tinderboxes - the effect was to keep you focused on evading the monsters, which was great, but the basic role of darkness in the game was undermined because you always had a ton of sources of light.

Still, this was very good, and I'm saying that as someone who dislikes most of the mods I've played.

most custom stories I have played lagged a little and stuff, but this cs lagged so much, made my fps drop to 4-7 all the time almost, story is great but the lag drags the experience down very much therefore I give it a 7, sorry if it depresses, maybe you should try fixing the lag ;)

This map is incredible!

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Its great and keeps me on the edge of my seat whenever I play

Aug 3 2012 by Vultar