The Ancient Mediterranean MOD features a complete modification of Civilization IV. The game now only takes place in the times of Egypt, Rome, and Carthage. It is a complete overhaul of Civilization IV that leaves the basic mechanics of Civilization IV intact.

Report content TAM BTS v0.90c Patch (from v0.90)
Dec 29th, 2009
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This patch includes various gameplay balancing details and graphics updates. It requires an existing TAM v0.90 and CIV4-BTS v3.19. Read below the fold for the patch notes.

TAM 0.90c Changelog

TAM military has been reorganized on the following guidelines

1) Breakdown of unit types for historical age:
STONE AGE (5500-3000 BC)
Settler >>>Not combat type<<<
Worker >>>Not combat type<<<
Scout >>>Not combat type<<<
Tribal Warrior >>>Medium type<<<
Archer >>>Archer type<<<
Javelineer >>>Skirmisher type<<<

BRONZE AGE (3000-1200 BC)
Composite Archer >>>Archer type<<<
Chariot Archer >>>Archer type<<<
Chariot >>>Mounted type<<<
Spearman >>>Heavy type<<<
Axeman >>>Medium type<<<
Ram >>>Siege type<<<
Spy >>>Not combat type<<<

Horse Archer >>>Archer type<<<
Armored Javelineer >>>Skirmisher type<<<
Armored Spearman >>>Heavy type<<<
Swordsman >>>Medium type<<<
Bowman >>>Archer type<<<
Light Cavalry >>>Mounted type<<<
Elephant >>>Elephant type<<<
Siege Tower >>>Siege type<<<
Catapult >>>Siege type<<<
Fire Catapult >>>Siege type<<<

Heavy Horse Archer >>>Archer type<<<
Infantry >>>Heavy type<<<
Armored Infantry >>>Heavy type<<<
Heavy Cavalry >>>Mounted type<<<

2) The following units have been removed:
Horseman >>>Mounted type<<<
Mounted Javelineer >>>Skirmisher type<<<
War Elephant >>>Elephant type<<<
Pikeman >>>Heavy type<<<

3) Availability of some unit types has been shifted on techtree as follow:
Bireme at Exploration
Transport Ship at Seafaring
Armored Spearman at Iron Working
Armored Javelineer at Iron Working
Siege Tower at Iron Working
Heavy Horse Archer at Military Training
Infantry at Tactics

4) Availability of UUs and Heroes has been modified to reflect the historical development of civs. On details:
Assyrians -> No changes
Babylonians -> Hero has become a Composite Archer (was Archer)
Britonics -> No changes
Carthaginians -> Spearman UU has become Armored Spearman
Dacians -> Javelineer UU has become Armored Javelineer
Egyptians -> No changes
Gauls -> Heavy Cavalry UU has become Light Cavalry
Germanics -> Axeman UU has become Swordsman - Swordsman UU has become Infantry
Goths -> Swordsman UU has become Heavy Cavalry
Hittites -> Swordsman UU has become Spearman
Iberians -> Archer UU and Hero have become Bowman
Illyrians -> Spearman UU has become Armored Spearman
Kolchis -> No changes
Lydians -> No changes
Medes -> Axeman UU has become Swordsman
Minoans -> Hero has become a Composite Archer (was Archer)
Mycenaeans -> No changes
Nubians -> No changes
Persians -> Spearman UU has become Armored Spearman
Phoenicians -> No changes
Romans -> No changes
Scythians -> No changes
Tartessians -> Mounted Javelineer UU has become Trade Merchant Ship - Hero has become a Armored Javelineer
Thracians -> Javelineer UU has become Armored Javelineer

5) Lots of fix on unit values (both visible and hidden) have been made in order to normalize unbalanced or wrong situations. The most important are:
-) WorkBoat can only move into national borders (to avoid the early exploration exploit)
-) Early merchantship can't enter ocean tiles
-) Differences on combat value between UU and normal unit have been removed. Now UUs differ on abilities, benefits and bonus vs other types compared to their respective standard unit in order to preserve the weight of promotions (i.e. a babylonian archer (combat 3) had +50% strenght compared to a normal archer (combat 2), exactly the same as Strenght Promotion I, II, III e IV added together)
-) Chariot and Cavalry units gain a bonus when attacking in open space, like historically was. Because of XML can't recognize a empty and flat tile, these units get a bonus when attacking in plains and grassland and get a compensative malus when attacking in forest, hills and cities. (Egyptian Chariot gets a bonus when attacking in desert also, to better explain the above paragraph about combat differences between UU and not). Consider it like a experiment to raise the interest on the underrated cavalry units and the horse resources.
-) Scout starts with sentry promotion (+1 visibility)

Silk Road
Silk Road now works like TAM Civ3, i.e. first you should finish the SR project, then complete 8 outpost step by step from Ctesiphon to Luoyang, following the ancient route. Silk Road and outposts have been shifted on techtree in order to reflect such concept. This is a attempt to do Silk Road a playable feature now, although you still need complete the techtree in order to end the rush and win the game.
The graphical screens are under development; for the moment, you still have the space ship interface.

Although corporations didn't exist in ancient times, and we don't want invest on them, for the moment they grant money revenue like ancient caravans
did. Further development on them will be in the next patches.

Building, Techtree, Civic, Religion and others
-) Removed from early buildings (tavern, harbor, etc) the health bonus linked to resources in order to reduce initial health overflow
-) Removed the broken happiness effect from cult of nature linked to forest. You gain 1 happy + 1 health from granary. Now no more early exponential city growth.
-) Removed the massive money effect coming from religious shrine and temples. Still gain a small amount of money in order to mantain interest on religions as alternative to military path
-) Reduced from 3 to 2 points the GP bonus coming from city specialists, in order to delay GP popup, to follow more closely the historical timeline (i.e. no more lots of Great People during Stone Age)
-) Removed Global Warming from TAM
-) Move tech trading to Writing in order to anticipate it
-) Fixed 3 maps with wrong starting tech for assyrians
-) Improved the Great Engineer and General namelist
-) Lots of minor changes, fixes and refinements

Mainteinance Costs
-) All Mainteinance Costs for units and cities have been paired to BTS ones

-) Removed modern worker and road arts
-) All Projects have got a still movie when finished
-) Fixed several interface buttons in TAM style

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TAM BTS v0.90c Patch (from v0.90)
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