The American Revolution Mod,TAR, is a complete overhauling and popular mod ,with over 40000 downloads, for Empire Total War It will allow the player to replay the American Revolutionary Wars with a complete new realistic unit roster,recruitment areas and starting positions ! With BAI and CAI based on DarthMod. The TAR mod is a living and breathing Mod as its being updated and maintained regularly to provide the best playing experience possible! Through the TWC website based TAR Forums we can give all players every assistance on problems,bugs,hints and tips for the Mod The TAR Mod has also its own Social group and Wiki page on the TWC !

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The new TAR 2.0 Preview is now open!

The new TAR 2.0 Preview is now open!

Oct 25, 2010 0 comments

We have a new Preview of TAR 2.0 ready for inspection!

TAR II is comming;Soon !

TAR II is comming;Soon !

Oct 10, 2010 0 comments

Here are some teaser screenshots of Work in Progress for our latest edition of TAR Mod;comming Soon !

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