This multiplayer FPS mod puts players against each other in an intense 1950's, cops versus mafia style game. Players choose either the Cops or Mafia team, and take part in close quarter team based game modes. Choose from a variety of classes, from brawler to sniper, and enter the battle!

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DarkPivot Jun 30 2011 says:

Added motion blur detected, awesome! :P
This looks really fun, I can't wait to see how this turns out. :D

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Dr.Goupyl Jun 30 2011 says:

Heh, it's getting better and better !
Keep it up !

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Gorgoth Jun 30 2011 says:

Now this, is a good game. Just some tweaks and additions and you'll be there.

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gamerdude130 Jun 30 2011 says:


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Dr.Doozer Creator
Dr.Doozer Jul 16 2011 replied:

Yes. The music works on Use Key-activated radios. There's two per map. Each plays around a 15-20 minute radio-styled reel of music, announcements in the "world" around the fight, and radio ads.

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deadrawkstar Jul 1 2011 says:

This is the same video which can be seen here - /watch?v=m0__KFjsCOc

I added the Motion Blur while editing the video.

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wickit Jul 1 2011 says:

Recognise those weapon animations anywhere
nice one chris

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EvilAngel Jul 1 2011 says:

I would be nice if it was SP..

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rammt13n Jul 1 2011 says:

the kickback on the tommy gun... its a bit much, it looks very spastic and over the top, the shotgun also look akward, it was too wide in the back and narrow in the front, just a few minor tweaks but the mod as a whole is coming along quite nicely, keep up the progress

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GravityCat Jul 1 2011 says:

Looks like great fun and still an alpha.

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HL-Rul3z Jul 1 2011 says:

lookin good

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Otter. Jul 16 2011 says:

The weapon models need some more work on there texturing. They look a bit to cartoonish and I suppose that is not your teams goal.

Also some tweaking of the jumps would be nice, because currently it's looks like just another run-and-gun gameplay with jump-spamming to avoid bullets. In the fifties they probably had something called a "cover".

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MacGreve Jul 16 2011 says:

On the tommy gun, maybe it would look best if his hand was on the grip and not the magazine. I think holding the magazine looks awkward. And sorry I know that this is still Alpha and there's still some way to go, and some things to be done. Keep up the fantastic work.

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Bluedrake42 Aug 18 2011 says:

everything moves too fast, not for me

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OccasionallyZane Aug 23 2011 says:

I have a good idea i want you to release the game and update a few times and think about a singleplayer mode or NPCs mode or something like that just a idea!

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Sn1kerz Oct 3 2011 says:

I was start to *trakin* dat mod after this vid :)

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andy1318 Author
andy1318 Jan 3 2012 says:

We are currently working on slowing the pace of the game. There will also be an alternative game mode where it is round based, so if you die you must wait until the next round to respawn, forcing the players to be more cautious and tactical.

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Awesomium Feb 19 2013 says:

The idea with the healing coke is just genious ;)

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Jun 30th, 2011
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