This multiplayer FPS mod puts players against each other in an intense 1950's, cops versus mafia style game. Players choose either the Cops or Mafia team, and take part in close quarter team based game modes. Choose from a variety of classes, from brawler to sniper, and enter the battle!

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Anywhere [OLD] The Fifties - Looking for mappers/level designers at Colarino Entertainment

the fifties - looking for mappers/level designers colarino entertainment anywhere level designers hello! i am the lead developer of 'the fifties', a half life 2 multiplayer modification. we are currently looking for mappers proficient and highly experienced with hammer. being able to model as well is a plus, but not required. our page is below. if you are interested in joining, private message me or add me on skype: zebraman94 we will need to see some of your previous work.

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