Galactopticon is a single-player sci-fi comedy FPS starring a gang of hard-boiled interstellar pirates. The epic storyline will be supported by gameplay elements such as ironsight aiming and an RPG-style branching dialogue system.

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An idea for a weapon. (Games : Half-Life 2 : Mods : Tales from the Galactopticon : Forum : Ideas/Suggestions : An idea for a weapon. ) Locked
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Nov 25 2010 Anchor

It would be nice to have a gauss shotgun in the game. not a pistol, not a rifle, but a shotgun. it makes no sense, but heh, the scorpion gun makes no sense either.

Nov 27 2010 Anchor

Yea i want a shotgun

Not a pistol shotgun thing, Even though the scopion does look pretty cool :)

This game needs a shotgun

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