Star Wars Conquest is a Mount&Blade; module which transforms a medieval world into the far, far away galaxy... with the same premises than the original game, this module offers an open sandbox where the player can do anything he wants. Based on a Galactic map and hundreds of planets.

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Apr 24 2013 Anchor

It would be nice if you could ask one of the faction leaders, example Darth Vader, to fight in his army. I really wanted to create a new character and just join any of the Imperial leaders as a recruit and then become a storm trooper/scout trooper, then rise even higher in ranks etc.

If this is already in the mod, I'm sorry for wasting your time, but I haven't seen it.

Apr 25 2013 Anchor

I don't believe this is included in the mod, as it is not possible even in the original M&B. There's however a mod for either M&B or Warband, which allows you to do just that, be one of the ordinary soldiers. I don't remember the mods name, but it's in the moddb, so you will find it eventuallyt if you search enough. Now when I think of it, it would be pretty neat to do that, even if the mod is allready filled with all sorts of extra content.

Aug 7 2013 Anchor

It is called freelancer, and it was designed so it could be inserted into some mods.

Ironically I just re-downloaded that today... :p

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