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Gadget armor, sppederbike shops, different battle system (Games : Mount & Blade : Mods : Star Wars Conquest : Forum : Suggestions : Gadget armor, sppederbike shops, different battle system) Locked
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Feb 11 2013 Anchor

Some expensive armor with in-built gadgets would be very nice. For example in Battlefront the green clones had a jetpack, so something like this or maybe very light Jedi robes that would allow you to do force jumps. IF this would be possible, then its effect should be determined by your weight. For example if you are very heavy, you wouldn't fly very far away. Also one of these in-built gadgets could be personal shield (like a circular shield. would be nice if you could make those little droids from the first episodes a.k.a. droidekas) for body armor or aiming assistant for helmet. Also if the jetpack armor would be possible, then there should be troops, that use it. That would be soooo awesome!! :)

When i decided to join Hutt Cartel, I mostly used looted speederbikes, but i didn't like the idea of driving an Imperial speederbike while fighting them. When I got more money, I bought a speederbike for around 20k Credits, but after a while it got damaged and destroyed. That would be very good if there would be speederbike shops where you could buy speederbikes lil' bit cheaper and also if you have a damaged speederbike, you can pay them to make it rebuilt, then pay to get it, for example, heavy. You could also make better the standard speederbikes.

And also I had the idea of making battles different. When you encounter another lord and you choose to fight in space, it should contain of two parts:
1)A space battle (like the one from training places)
2) If you win you land into their hangar and the battle continues on ship. If you win this round, you have won. If you lose, there's another space battle. And so it continues. If you lose the space battle, the same happens, but on your ship and if you lose, the battle is lost.

Im very sorry about my language problems, Im from Latvia. And also if i mentioned some of the in-game content wrong. I haven't played for a while.
I would be very happy if these ideas would come true. Thanks for reading! :D

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Mar 26 2013 Anchor

Thanks for sharing your thoughts. Read them all, :)
and don't worry about the language, it's completely readable.


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