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Jul 24 2012 Anchor

Is there any plan to give each blaster their own distinct sound? I know some of them have canon sounds like the DL-44, the EE3, and the DH-17, but a few weapons don't sound like they do in other medias. A few blasters with highly distinctive sounds were given kinda generic ones. Then again, you wouldn't even need many new sounds, just a few. For instance, the A280/295 are known to sound similar to the DH-17. But then there's the DC-15A, which was given the secondary attack sound from Jedi Academy, which doesn't really fit, in my opinion. This blaster's been given two sounds over the years, a sort of deeper sounding laser, and one that sounds similar to an AT-ST's blaster. Out of the two, the latter was used more in games. However, if you go with the former, it might also work well with the T-21 rifle. Then of course the Westar has it's own very distinct sound, and the Q3 and the other Naboo pistol sounds are very distinctive, yet identical.

Anyway, keep in mind that I know little-to-nothing about what's in the new version, so this could be all taken care of. In which case, awesome job reading my mind before I even think it! ;) Keep it up guys!

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Aug 11 2012 Anchor

Thanks, we added a bunch of these early on, when RevanShan was still working on this. He was really cumbersome with the lore accurate sounds and managed to canonize a good part of the available weaponry...

Personally, I'm not going to spend time on that. As my knowledge of the force is limited. :)

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