Star Wars Conquest is a Mount&Blade; module which transforms a medieval world into the far, far away galaxy... with the same premises than the original game, this module offers an open sandbox where the player can do anything he wants. Based on a Galactic map and hundreds of planets.

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Tezumina Honorary Sandwich
Sep 1 2012 Anchor

Just wondering guys, would any one like to see a string of quests unique to each faction? Like in Warband when you start out you have the option of helping out a merchant, a was just thinking that maybe it would be possible if we could have a set of underground quests that the player could undergo that would really make a difference for that faction because lets be honest, for a faction to actually win a war takes aaaaaaages without the use of cheats (which removes the challenge from the game.....). I was thinking three specific roles you could play by joining each faction. Joining the rebel alliance could set you up as a jedi where you would do quests that resurrect the jedi strength and along the way become. Joining the Empire would have you join the dark side where you could act as a secret sith assassin for the emperor (A bit cliche' but still fun) where you seek out hidden jedi much like the simple bounty hunter quests you get at cantinas. Whereas joining the Hutt cartel would see you to be a proffesional bounty hunter! You would bribe vassals of the other two factions, kill anyone he snoops in the Hutt affairs and eventually own the galaxy through corruption, spies and false alliances!. Remaining independant, it would also be cool to have lots of side chain quests, like say if you met somoen in a canteen who was looking for a small band of mercs and he sent you off on a few quests every now and then and you were payed weekly so the player could find it easier at the start of the game to have a source of income, because again without cheating this takes so much time and effort! I know this is quite a chunk to chew but i really think this would improve the game!

Swyter Dream your Life      Live your Dreams
Sep 22 2012 Anchor

This would make the game great. But to write, develop and code such a complex story would take years for a paid crew.
If LucasArts hires us then maybe. :rambo: Personally, I don't have too much free time left in my schedule.

I'm already missing out a lot of things for doing this.


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Tezumina Honorary Sandwich
Jan 4 2013 Anchor

Sorry for this ultra-mega late response Swyter, i lost my account, made a new one called ApexTidus, i lost that one and somehow regained this one :p This is more obvious now, i have done more research into the development of gaming and do apologise for my naivety towards the complications invloving coding and develping etc, thanks for the reply anyway though, much appreciated :)


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