Find a way to enter the citadel, kill the Combine troops and escape. Good luck - By AGRESSOR

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This mod, feels great. I mean is one of its kind, is maybe only of the few that based on HL1 are trying to recreate a HL2 mod, a HL2 environment and that's so unique, so far I know no one have try to do something like that, as remember, in fact only another map work contains HL2 material.

Though some maps were narrow the combat is OK, and the whole objective is placed nice, also when you are in the citadel building the atmosphere in there really feels like the ones we found in HL2 maps and mods, related to CMB architecture.

Overall this is a nice mod for HL1 you should try, but if you are trying to found perfection then this one is not for you, this is for people who really love HL spirit and environment, and appreciate the concept of HL1 to recreate the spaces of HL2.

This really isn't SWAT, its got nothing to do with the games or movies about SWAT, its not about the real world SWAT or anything like that. Its just a HL2 inspired adventure, if the mod was called that it wouldn't as misleading as the title is now. Anyways this is a pretty standard fare.

+combat is ok, not bad but not good.
-not much thought into enemy placements
-lots of waiting, the painfully slow ride on the combine tram, painfully slow elevator, painfully long jumping puzzle that "trains" combine (we know that combine don't get trained, they are programmed to be efficient soldiers)
- all this coupled with boxxy, uninspiring level design and very unconvincing "city" like areas which look more like just about any hl bunker just with the sky instead of a ceiling and different coloured textures for the walls. It takes effort to make a good city.

This mod is really nice.
A little bit short, a little bit hard, but very awesome. Yeah.


Liked this one. Pretty cool.


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