There is a constant flow of enemies defining an ever changing battle line. Work with your team to push the battle line deeper in to enemy territory. Disable all the enemy Spawns to win. You will be paid for any dead enemies. Use this money to buy weapons and friendly spawns.

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Interesting idea, decent gameplay. Only wish it was more of the creators game/less of insert HL2 here, and wish there was multiplayer.

neat gameplay, a tad repetitive but not as repetitive as COD: zombies. I found the cash system and the ai needs some work.

Its a fun time killer


HaidenTheNESDude says

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Kinda fun
It's CS:S and HL2DM if they had a singleplayer mode

This is pretty fun, it's like a first person version of DOTA.



Very fun and addicting.

fun and creative mod

Great gameplay, fine bots as well.


NightFuel says

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