Half-Life 2 Substance features an adaptive class system and open-ended gameplay.

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Back in the golden days of hl2 modding, this was something I played multiple times, and looking back at it, I sincerely wish I could go back for more :(

The new additions to the hl2 campaign struck me with surprise and awe and the dozens of new weapons made the action tight and refreshing, with new additional monsters and player abilities to decimate them with.

It's a shame this only partially works with mod fixes following the may 2010 update. Perhaps someone with some free time on their hands is willing to give it a fix. But I know that probably won't ever happen.

It's a sin and shame, but at least I still have great memories booting this up for the first time :)

Adds a lot of cool features to HL2. Amazing work.

Back in 2006 i downloaded it.
9 years later, it got an update.

Loved it back then, love it now.
Thank you!

just a plain HL2 source mod with a few new weapons and some random changes that are made in the maps,

*UPDATE* The mod developer will bitch at you for making a review that he doesn't like, so I made it into a 1 for ******* developers who beg you for better reviews

I would give 10/10 but i hate to write full reviews.

Kept us waiting, Huh?, The best mod for HL2 10/10


Half-life 2: Substance is a reaaaaally radical redesign of the legendary gam who changed fps and we all loved. Still worth playing today, in our age of soulless games.


I love(d) this mod. I can't remember how many times I replayed Half Life 2 using this mod. I don't know what to say more than I really, really enjoy(ed) this mod.


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