Strike Force is a realistic team combat simulation in which players take the roles of either the infamous Terrorists or covert Strike Force operatives, in missions that could change the fate of the world forever. You will choose from one of 16 characters, each with his or her own special training and characteristics, and select real-life weapons and gear with which to wage war with your enemies. You will need sound tactics, quick reflexes and solid teamwork in order to prevail.

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My first UT mod, and most beloved. Still playing with pleasure.

many weapons (my fav are the snipers), many and good maps, okay bots. I personally like the movement and gunfire alot more in this than in counter strike, feels more like a police squad that raids an area (the way you move from point to point with your team).

The only thing I really miss in this mod is some of the gameplay types of UT. Mainly there's no ctf, even though it would be a bit weird I think it would have been very fun too.


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This sucks


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