Stargate: Legacy started off as a conversion of the popular StargateTC to the source engine, but now is an independent mod using the latest Source engine technologies. For those who might not know, SGL, just like SGTC, is based on the popular TV show Stargate SG-1. There are currently two versions of Stargate Legacy, both of which are multiplayer only. Single player will not be started until we are satisfied we have reached a multiplayer release that requires minimal attention from the devs, allowing us to focus on other projects.

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Anywhere [OLD] C++ Source Engine Programmers at Dark Flare Studios

c++ source engine programmers dark flare studios anywhere programmers stargate legacy is under new management and is looking for some c++ programmers to join the mod team to get the mod back into full swing. we require that the programmers has some expeirence in coding for the source engine or has enough knowledge about it to be able to get stuck in. we also need programmers to be able to have enough free time to work on the mod at least once every couple of days as we have a lot to get done and want to get it done in a somewhat short period of time.

Anywhere [OLD] Level Designer at Dark Flare Studios

level designer dark flare studios anywhere level designers stargate legacy is looking for skilled level designers who have experience with the source engine and hammer map editor who can work on partly developed maps, finishing them off to a high standard. those who are not familiar with stargate, our current devs will help you out with resources that can be used to help with map layouts, designs and item placements. we communicate through irc so it is required that all devs visit the irc at least once a week to check in.

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Released Jul 2008
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